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  1. I vividly recall the 'ice age' scare -as a 20 year old Australian working in Ohio in 1974--having just come from working in Germany where the Yom Kippur war in Oct 1973 led to massive hikes in the oil price and the banning of private car driving on Sundays (deja vu with covid lockdown) The 'lake effect' resulted in deep snow drifts and road closures, shut downs of schools, businesses etc .-and the prediction of running out of heating oil and gas - car fuel was limited to odds and evens , in July the biggest outbreak of tornadoes ever wiped out Xenia Ohio and left much destruction . Oranges froze on trees in Florida and split open . The economic slump meant my work permit was not renewed (25% unemployment in Williams county ,much local industry tied to Detroit ) It was no "myth" -- predictions of the breakdown of law and order as people froze or fought over scarce supplies were made ; the club of Rome predictions were often cited as evidence of global breakdown being imminent.

  2. Ross, I was just a few years younger living next door in Northwestern PA and also vividly remember the supper cold and snowy 70's ice age scare. Today, anyone under 40 have only heard of how man made CO2 is heating up our planet and that there is no need to discuss it since the science is settled. What I can't understand is how anyone over 60 cannot remember that time. Ideology it seems has knocked out memories and common sense in some people. As this video points out, some of the same techniques and fear strategy are used today to influence us on how global warming will destroy us.

  3. I see you used that film I sent you with Leonard Nimoy well and effectively. I would have loved to have been credited with bringing it to your attention, but in any case kudos to you for using it well and for all that research I didn't know about.

    I'm 59 years old, and I very well remember the cooling scare that took place in the seventies. But while we all thought it likely, we saw it in terms of centuries and didn't worry about it much. I am sure many people remember it well.

  4. It could very well have been earlier that cooling extremes were at the fore.
    As early as 1960 my mother, who had returned to the UK to bring her father out to Australia, spoke of extreme cold temperatures that winter (60/61) .
    I don’t know if I was imagining it, but I seem to remember reports of the North Sea freezing over.
    I tried lately to find reports of it but was only able to find one on the following year - 1962, when ice flows were seen in the English Channel.
    There is a video of the event on YouTube.

  5. I'm 70 years old and I remember it well. I also remember that we humans are vulnerable to confirmation bias, even the highly educated ones. It's a condition that the scientific method was meant to address. Sadly, that is being contaminated by political and monetary influences. One thing has been made clear in the geological record, both ice ages and heat extinctions have happened more than once. They will most certainly happen again and, as in the past, it won't be from the puff of co2 humanity returns to the atmosphere each year.

  6. I also remember the dyer predictions of global economic and environmental disaster, and the rationing of fuel to cars who's licenses plate ended in either odd and even number and that we were all going to freeze to death. Even then though I thought it was a little over the top at the time but then I was ridding my bike to school and living in Western Australia and enjoyed the cooler weather. Yet when I try to tell my sons about this they think their dear old dad is delusional or simply not telling the truth.

    How Different sixty years makes, but I guess the biggest frustration I have like Brian J Matijasic mentioned is that if try and have a discussion about the facts / evidence to any under 40 year old I get the same response The Science is Settled comment therefore no point in discussing it. The implication being you are To Old and to scientifically ignorant to understand what the scientist say. To some it is gone beyond Confirmation Bias stage to the level of religious fanaticism and anyone that does not believe the same as should jailed and removed from society to protect the innocents .

  7. Us oldies have not forgotten about the Ice Age scares, it's just that if we say anything we are shouted down and verbally abused & then told it's our fault that the planet is dying so it's keep stum and wait till it all peters out or not, as far as I am concerned you can't explain something to someone who won't listen. But it's great CDN keeps pushing the truth out, much better than my old age memory can.

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