John Robson holds a Ph.D. in American History from the University of Texas at Austin and has worked as a historian, policy analyst, journalist and documentary filmmaker for three decades. He has been examining the climate change issue for many years, including both the science and the policy debates.

The Climate Discussion Nexus was formed in 2018 by a group of citizens concerned about expensive, ill-planned energy policies intended to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

It offers a forum for more open debate on all aspects of climate change, especially better use of scientific information in public discussion and policy formation. By passing the hat we raised sufficient seed money to launch operations we will sustain through crowdfunding.

We welcome support and participation from anyone interested in helping us achieve our goals. Please subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel, and consider becoming a regular monthly supporter to assist us in producing content relevant to better policy through better understanding.


The Climate Discussion Nexus began with some start-up seed money and depends for its ongoing operation on crowd-sourced donations. We are a small organization, despite what some people have assumed from the quality of our videos. The start-up money is behind an organizational firewall and we have no idea what our crowd-sourced donors do for a living unless they write and tell us. In either case, our backers have no editorial input whether or not they choose to identify themselves.

Questions about funding often imply, or state outright, that we take money from the fossil fuel industry and that doing so somehow compromises our integrity. Because we do not believe fossil fuels are having a disastrous effect on climate we would feel no unease at all in receiving donations from people in the energy sector. On the contrary, we regard Canada’s energy industry as a world leader in everything from technology to environmental and labour standards and a vital contributor to our way of life, and believe those in it ought to be more vigorous in defence of what they do. Including clicking on the “Donate” button below.

In our view it is people who take an alarmist position about the impact of fossil fuels on climate who are vulnerable to charges of hypocrisy for personal gain if they continue to do things like put gasoline in their cars or heat their homes with natural gas. But we prefer to debate facts and logic rather than question motives, and if you agree we hope you will donate today.

The Climate Discussion Nexus presents independent analysis of the science and policy of climate change. And we gladly welcome support from anyone who finds our work worthwhile.