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Something odd about the weather

10 Jun 2020 | News Roundup

Although the BBC now seems down on sunshine, having declared “Climate change: May was sunniest calendar month on record in UK” as if it were a bad thing, Paul Homewood notes that, sunny or not, it was only the 48th-warmest May since Cromwell, and for some reason the five hottest were all before the Crimean War (the hottest was 1833). As for sunshine, records only go back to 1929 so no one knows if there were sunnier Mays in previous centuries. And, Homewood adds for good measure, the spring as a whole was only the 9th-warmest, tied with 1952 and colder than 1893. Meanwhile, gentle warming continues according to Roy Spencer, and the evidence overall, while mixed, is not alarming according to Ole Humlum’s The State of the Climate 2019 for the GWPF. And now Canada’s long-range summer forecast is for the most unexpected outcome of all: “normal.”

The Weather Network tells us that due to runaway global warming and the climate emergency, Canada is looking at a mild summer. No, wait. Sorry. The story has nothing to do with climate change. It’s just some weather.

We all know the jibes about predicting the weather. (Though it is surely fair to ask with Daniel Turner of the Daily Caller if SpaceX, with “all the money in the world”, couldn’t find someone able to tell them what it would be like in Florida on the scrubbed-launch afternoon of May 27, how can we know what it will be like in 2030 or 2070?) But the Weather Network gives it a try, at least for the next few months here in Canada.

First, TWN admits we had a “sluggish spring”. Which was not predicted especially by the simple-minded types who think there’s a direct linear connection between atmospheric CO2 and temperature and all the hottest years ever were in the last half-decade. Then it ventures that “Our summer forecast highlights an abundance of warm weather across most of Canada with near normal or slightly above normal temperatures expected for much of the country. However, we do not think that this will be an oppressive summer with relentless heat for most of Canada.”

June apparently won’t know if it’s a spring month or a summer one. July and August will and “Heat waves are likely, especially for southern Ontario and Quebec, but periodic breaks in the heat will keep the summer from being an all-out scorcher.” Then it gets regional, talks about precipitation, and is overwhelmed by uncertainty. Yet one word keeps appearing, and it’s not drought or flood or one of those bad things. It’s “normal”. Strange.

3 comments on “Something odd about the weather”

  1. Toasty warm and beautiful here in the West of Ireland for the whole of May and more. Weeks of sunshine and now we’re in desperate need of rain. Now a change, grey and cloudy, still dry. Who would have thought it possible? Hoping for some good wet weather and the usual cold and dreary summer!

  2. CDN: After producing several fine blogs and videos on the absurdity of calculating "the warmest temperatures ever" (to the hundredths of a degree in precision), you are now getting sucked into using their talking points. Weather variables like temperature, sunshine, and rainfall across large regions and over long periods of time cannot be calculated in such a way. Stick to your talking points.

  3. Told off by the marsupial wolf, for not sticking to your (cobbler's) last.! Oh well, better that than Mann & Hayhoe attacking you....
    Anyway, what we really want to know is who is Chiara! Girlfriend? Daughter? Colleague? And why isn't she doing longer videos, with more substance, instead of short reruns of stuff we have already seen...?

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