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With Tree Rings On Their Fingers

19 Apr 2024 | Backgrounders

2 comments on “With Tree Rings On Their Fingers”

  1. Looking at the tree rings it also seems like it very much matters where the tree ring core was taken from. In the tree ring pictures from the center ring outward, the thicknesses are extremely variable as mentioned. Therefore, a 1/4 in tree ring core from one orientation will give a completely different picture than one taken just a few inches to one side or the other. Would it also mater if the core was perfectly horizontal or on even the slightest angle as thicknesses are being ‘precisely’ measured? The only way you would see this is to take many cores just mm apart. Then there is the issue of measuring the width of the individual rings. You might take a measurement that is different than one I take or many other people take from exactly the same point. Personal interpretation may differ. I saw this all the time working with geophysicists. One may see something that another misses or dismisses and that gets compounded when each scientist tunes the geophysical signal, ie they manipulate the data based on personal preferences and how they like to display different results. Science cannot be perfectly precise when remote sensing is involved, it is inherently imprecise by the nature of the process.

  2. Excellent video. Some "scientists" like to run rings around understandably ignorant members of the public. It is impossible to be expert enough in various fields of enquiry to know how to question the catastrophism of Climate Change (caps meant to convey the official dogma of western elites). Thanks to John Robson and CDN for outlining the false certainty.

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