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When Backroom Met Zealot

01 Apr 2024 | Fact Checks

4 comments on “When Backroom Met Zealot”

  1. I have researched weather predictions and doomsday predictions from global cooling to global warming over the last '70 years and it seems most predictions have proved to be mostly wrong! I dispare that Gen Z and the baby boomers are so easily brainwashed!

  2. Hello John,
    Great analysis of proceedings at the Ottawa City Council Meeting.
    Are you planning to send them this video and its transcript?

  3. I was born on January 16, 1949 in Kirkland Lake Ontario, which is way up in the northern part of Ontario. My father had difficulty driving my mother to the hospital because heavy rains had flooded the roads between the two snow bags, and it was very difficult to traverse. Obviously, as a result of climate change. Sarcasm on.

  4. Five years ago my city council declared a non-existent climate emergency.One councillor voted against it,and I was the lone dissenting voice of the
    dozen or so speakers on this so-called declaration.But things have changed,if only slightly so far.I wore some of my CDN merch(a T-shirt) in the checkout line at the grocery store.The female cashier commented positively and said she knew what message I was trying to convey!I was surprised,but pleased!
    She said she would look at CDN's site.Good for her!Good for all of us!

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