5 comments on “The Great Lakes Climate Crisis”

  1. This was excellent! Thank you for naming names. There's so much more that needs to be exposed on the topic of 'authorities' with vested interests.

  2. Another Chicken Little alert. Just a few years ago the Climate alarmist were worried About Lake levels being so low, some people on the lakes in MI. had to walk out 100-200 feet from their dock, to get to their boat. It was reported that the Great Lakes were on their to disappearing. Drying up. Now they are worried we will be inundated with Lakes so high that lake fronts will wash away and the Lakes will be gone-----most of these people and so called experts now think the opposite. I remember when Lake Shore Blvd. in the Grosse Pointes ( it was 1965)was being reclaimed by Lake Shore. That passed within a year or 2 and I think this was repeated a few times since. Well the panic mongers are back as was predicted and this will continue to be repeated again and again over perhaps forever. Just relax as we are safe ,for now, and the next scare is being formulated now. It is a habit that ignores the past and is created by people who have to much time on their hands and very little intellect to reason with. Stay tuned and we will see another crisis will be brought forth.

  3. Another video with information that is increasingly difficult to find elsewhere. Thanks
    I’ll be forwarding to a few local politicians who blame everything on climate change. Don’t expect them to subscribe or donate though.

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