8 comments on “Urban Flooding - It's Not About Climate”

  1. This video is excellent. Thank you.
    Take a look at a clear example of how public opinion has been manipulated on this subject.
    Is the insurance industry bankrupting cities? Municipal leaders are being misled. Take a look at the websites of major insurers to see what they say about climate change.

    Also, there's information available on weather manipulation and weather warfare that is worth considering. One needs to dig deeply when researching this topic.

  2. Well done. This should be sent to every municipal councillor and provincial politician with the message to get off their rear ends and get the pipes fixed. No more hiding behind “climate change “.

  3. The flood in Burlington actually happened on August 4th, 2014 instead of 2017 as shown in the video. Otherwise, great video and to add, politicians will use any excuse, including climate change to raise taxes.

  4. Great video. Thank you John for sharing the CBC Ombudsman findings on inaccurate reporting of 100 year storms. CBC has corrected stories on this topic since 2015: https://www.cityfloodmap.com/2019/06/cbc-correcting-claims-on-extreme.html
    Professor Dickinson has presented details on lower spring flows with warmer winters in rural areas and the effect of urbanization (as opposed to rainfall) on flows and flooding in urban areas: https://www.cityfloodmap.com/2017/12/university-of-guelph-research-shows.html

  5. Fix the Sprawl, as the Guelph Professor Dickinson implies. It's not fix the pipe, as suggested by Robinson. Sustainable Town planning has been out of whack in North America, since the motorcar drove suburb development. Most man made mistakes are right in our own neighbourhoods, made by and overseen by our elected representatives.

  6. Professor Dickinson come to visit City of Guelph - educate staff to differentiate between urban flooding and Climate Change.

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