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10 Jul 2024 | News Roundup
  • NASA has a new video showing atmospheric CO2 as ominous red dirt choking the planet. Alas, it’s not factual; rather “OCO-2 data contain many gaps where sunlight is not present or where clouds or aerosols are too thick to retrieve CO₂ data” so “OCO-2 data are assimilated into NASA’s Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS), a complex modeling and data assimilation system” and then juiced by “satellite observations of nighttime lights and vegetation greenness”. But the point is we’re all going to die, not that it’s scientifically accurate.
  • When the government “invests” grab your wallet and run the other way. Including now that BMW just cancelled a €2 billion order for EV batteries from Northvolt. Yup, the same Northvolt that got a big subsidy from the Canadian federal and Quebec provincial governments to create a battery factory near Montreal because our politicians and bureaucrats know better than mere investors what the world is clamoring to buy. Western Standard says “According to reports Northvolt is two years behind schedule ramping up production lines in Sweden because its factories produce too much industrial waste.” Oh dear. Green energy again. And a government investment strategy. What could go right?
  • Not much, apparently. As the Canadian government thrashes about, making us all buy expensive EVs then contemplating slapping big tariffs on more affordable Chinese ones lest, uh, climate policy hollow out our economy, news staggers in that “The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board put more than $600 million in China’s electric vehicle sector accused by cabinet of unfair trade practices. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland blamed Chinese industry for job-killing schemes, telling Canadian workers: ‘We are going to protect you.’” How, by killing their pensions as well as their jobs?
  • Same problem with government climate policy generally looking to destroy one sector of the economy after another while insisting that the “green energy transition” actually spews forth wealth and jobs. Thus “Denmark will tax livestock farmers for the greenhouse gases emitted by their cows, sheep and pigs from 2030, the first country to do so as it targets a major source of methane emissions, one of the most potent gases contributing to global warming” to try to cut GHG emissions by 70% from a 1990 baseline by 2030. And cutting prosperity instead. (Denmark, with 5.9 million people, has 1.5 million cows… but not for long.) Oh well. Their government already spends half of GDP so why not all of it?
  • Attribution science goes into the overhead bin as another flight hits dangerous turbulence, this time on the way from Madrid to Montevideo, and sure enough “While such deaths are rare, researchers warn that climate change may be causing more extreme cases of turbulence, most likely because of its effect on wind speeds in the upper levels of the atmosphere.” Yes, “may be”, or (one… two… three…) is. They don’t know how it’s happening, or whether. But climate science isn’t like the normal kind.
  • Oh, that’s original. “Labour will take global lead on climate action, Ed Miliband vows”. Doubtless Xi Jinping is just sitting by the phone waiting to hear from what’s-his-name (Keir Starmer) and that Miliband guy who was actually in the British cabinet from 2007 to 2010 when he, his boss the PM, and his brother the foreign secretary, did not take the global lead on climate action.
  • Scientific American continues to disappoint as it is swallowed up by climate activism, including a piece “The Science Is Clear: Offshore Wind Isn’t What’s Killing Whales/ Politicians and nonprofit groups have blamed offshore wind turbines for whale deaths, but the science doesn’t support those claims – at all”. Just following the science here, folks. Pay no attention to those big weird marine mammal carcasses.

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  1. What makes the brainless idiots in the Danish government 'think' making farmers and consumers poorer will make any difference to the weather? Idiotic virtue signalling. Like with their mink debacle, the demand remains so they will just move the supply to other places with slightly less idiotic governments. And have no impact on future weather anyway.

  2. CPP investing in Chinese EV's is especially egregious.This needs to stop.SHAME on anyone who buys a Chinese EV!Things will go from bad to worse in the UK now that they've elected a Labour gov't.And Denmark engaging in damaging their prosperity in the name of virtue signaling is beyond the pall.
    Wonder how many cows,sheep,and pigs China (with about 300 times as many people to feed as Denmark) plan to tax or eliminate by 2030?

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