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29 Nov 2023 | News Roundup
  • Eye on the prize: Euronews.green reports that “MEPs call for militaries to be more transparent in reporting emissions”. And who among us, watching the Middle East erupt, Russia’s war against Ukraine grinding on, western military recruitment and morale plummeting while China builds up its blue-water navy and strategic nuclear forces as it drools over Hong Kong, isn’t thinking to themselves that what we really need now is to slash those dratted CO2 emissions from our tanks and planes?
  • More proof that politicians should not be trusted with your economy or even your lexicon: The Washington Times reports that “New Jersey will outlaw the sales of new gas-powered cars to combat climate change after the state Department of Environmental Protection officially adopted a rule forcing automakers to transition to zero-emission fleets by 2035. Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, insisted the directive will ‘preserve consumer choice and promote affordability’” by forcing you to buy something expensive.
  • Likewise in Canada, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, once an unbendingly righteous zealot, told parliament he had letters from ordinary Canadians “Jill” and “Bob” thanking him for the carbon tax and related rebate. But in response to an Access To Information request for the letters “After a thorough search no records were found concerning this request”. One day you’re a painfully earnest idealist, the next day you’re twisting words, making up documents and inventing entire citizens.
  • Canadian journalist Tristin Hopper notes that the governments of Canada and Ontario have dumped a record-breaking “$28 billion in government ‘performance incentives’ to secure two foreign-owned EV battery factories in Southern Ontario.” And now we learn that one of these, meant to create 5,500 jobs at a bargain-basement $5 million per job, is about to hire 1,600 foreign workers because there are no Canadians who need, want or can do these jobs, leaving politicians going um duh what? And grinning amateur Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne said yes, we need South Korean workers because “we’ve never done batteries” but refused to say how many. Still, he and his colleagues can surely pick the key technologies of the 21st century and the ideal world temperature too.
  • A new study confirms that the Hunga Tonga eruption on Jan. 15, 2022 produced colossal, poorly-understood changes in the stratosphere in particular, “leading to unprecedented losses in the ozone layer of up to 7% over large areas of the Southern Hemisphere” and, the lead author said, “it injected about 300 billion pounds of water into the normally dry stratosphere, which is just an absolutely incredible amount of water from a single event.” So climate orthodoxy said odd weather in 2023 had nothing whatsoever to do with this irrelevant little incident. All CO2, natch.
  • A press release from the shattered remains of Canada’s Green Party announces that party co-leader Elizabeth May “will join non-government organizations (Canadian Anti-Monopoly Project, Environmental Defence, Wet’suwet’en Land Defender) to launch their STOP THE RBC TAKEOVER campaign which highlights the dangers of the Royal Bank of Canada’s takeover of HSBC Canada from the perspectives of affordability/competition, housing, Indigenous rights and climate change.” Right. Let RBC grab HSBC and emissions will soar globally. Sure they will. Nice hammer you have there.

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  1. "while China builds up its blue-water navy and strategic nuclear forces as it drools over Hong Kong"

    Assume you meant to type Taiwan. HongKong already toast.

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