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We'll pass... pass... pass...

19 Apr 2023 | OP ED Watch

Recently we were given an invitation to jump on the climate panic bandwagon: “As urgency around the climate change response continues to build, there’s growing recognition of the need for collective action, new approaches and faster progress toward net-zero. Join The Globe and Mail in conversation with energy and sustainability leaders as they explore the investment and infrastructure development needed, and share practical suggestions and insights on how Canada can transition its energy sector for a cleaner tomorrow.” No thanks. We also keep getting spam-like proposals to share with you, our esteemed readers: “• Different types of green energy • FAQs • Finding a green energy electricity plan • Family fun” Even the fun doesn’t sound good. And for the rest, it’s a huge echo chamber in which nobody can believe anybody is outside it.

That conference we won’t be at is, perhaps unsurprisingly, moderated by the Globe & Mail’s “Climate Change Columnist and Feature Writer”, calling to mind Churchill’s jibe about the fanatic “who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.” But of course to them climate change is a topic as vast as, say, foreign affairs. Indeed, foreign affairs may be a subset of climate change as national security is demolished by overheating ship engines, flooding military bases or whatever the scare story du jour might be. And you can be very sure that you’ll hear boldly original clichés about carbon capture, critical minerals blah blah blah that read like ChatGPT on a bad day. Nobody, but nobody, is going to be saying gee, governments shouldn’t pick winners or wow, this transition is going to be hard, let alone well, maybe it’s natural variability. Oh no. All climate breakdown all the time.

If it’s pollution that worries, you, well, it’s all climate all the time (again an email offer, from a different outfit and with no handy link):

“Healthy oceans are essential for a healthy planet, yet human activity is causing them significant harm. Find out more about the impact of climate change on the resilience and sustainability of the world’s oceans, with our free DossierPlus.”

Never mind all that silly plastic and bottom trawling. No, a minimal temperature increase well within the natural range of the last 10,000 years has got to be the biggie, the one and only. Everybody knows. At least everybody they hang out with.

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  1. Reminds me of Seattle with their brand new "Climate Pledge Arena".They're doing their part for the climate aren't they?Meanwhile homelessness,drug
    addiction,soaring crime,woke politics everywhere else there.I'm sure this new arena will go a long way toward solving those problems!

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