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15 Mar 2023 | News Roundup

Canada’s know-it-all Prime Minister and Chinese Communist asset Justin Trudeau sent Germany’s chancellor packing with a declaration that there was no business case for selling Liquid Natural Gas to the guy who’d crossed the Atlantic to beg for it. But now we read that “Germany to use tenders to build 25 gigawatts of new gas power plants by 2030”. And then convert them to hydrogen. Honest.

The green subsidy trade war we warned of rages on, with Reuters “Sustainable Switch”, which inexplicably has not figured out how to post its newsletter online during the transition, announcing that “United States vs EU green funding battle begins”, with President Biden hurling billions at firms in America but “not everyone is pleased about the program as the billions of dollars in clean energy incentives might put the European Union’s energy transition at risk by luring away money and talent, executives at the CERAWeek energy conference said this week.”

Canadian steel producers also have their hard hats out for some boodle from Ottawa because of “action by key allies to support their industries and workers in the global race to attract climate investment” while “Oilsands giants warn Canada falling behind U.S. on carbon capture incentives” for this technology so profitable nobody does it unless subsidized.

Also, we chortle that we told you so to the big energy companies including in Canada’s Pathways Alliance who think chanting the praises of Net Zero will save them from people who really believe in it as “Investors for Paris Compliance” goes after Enbridge and Suncor. They really, really want you dead.

And we take a bow because we led the way on Canada’s “Just Transition”, saying “They plan to have a plan” on Feb. 8. On Feb. 18 a Toronto Sun/Postmedia editorial announced “‘Just transition’ just a plan to have a plan”. On Feb. 28 Catherine Swift wrote in the Niagara Independent “This document is shockingly empty of any real plan, leading many critics to call it “a plan to have a plan”.” And on March 1 the C.D. Howe Institute said “NET ZERO: THE PLAN TO HAVE A PLAN WITH ERICA MYERS AND BRIAN LIVINGSTON”. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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  1. Please don't convert gas to hydrogen. It is much better for the world to burn the gas and get all the energy out of it.
    Sorry, I'm ranting.

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