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CDN by the Sea: Argentine Islands, Antarctica

20 Jul 2022 | Science Notes

It’s the wrong time of year to go to Antarctica, if there is a right time as that phrase is normally used. Though given how late summer was in getting started here, and how cool it’s been so far, it may be as good a time as any. Plus isn’t the South Pole supposed to be melting in a terrifying manner, causing the seas to overflow and drown us all, winter or not? But the data don’t seem to agree. Antarctica isn’t even submerging itself.

At this rate, just over 1 mm per year, it will take about 980 years to rise by one meter. And as you can see the increase happened before 1990 and it’s been stalled ever since, so it may take even more than a millennium.

As a matter of fact if we remove the pre-1990 data the trend is downward at about -0.3 mm per year. So the amount of time it will take for the seas around Antarctica to rise a meter is somewhere between a thousand years and never.

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