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It's snow laughing matter

06 Jul 2022 | News Roundup

If you had been planning an Independence Day visit to Montana’s Glacier National Park, alas the weather did not cooperate. Oh no, we hear some cry, that blasted global warming melted the glaciers waah waah waah. But actually “Visitors to Glacier National Park won’t be able to cruise Going-to-the-Sun Road for the July Fourth weekend this year. Park officials say that’s thanks to unprecedented winter and late spring snow storms.” Yes, it’s the same Glacier National Park in Montana that put up signs warning that the glaciers would be gone by 2020 and instead it was the signs that were gone, hastily removed in 2019 although CNN found a way to insist that despite not vanishing, the glaciers were still vanishing. Though actually they were growing. And here’s something else that’s not cooperating: “Satellite Data: coolest monthly tropics temperature in over 10 years”. Yup. The spot where all the models agree that the impact of global warming will show up fastest and strongest is… cooling. And the result of that situation, or the meaning of that statement, is that in many places in the world it’s not getting any warmer and may even be even getting colder.

At CDN we like weather. All kinds of it, other than the destructive. We enjoy sunshine, rainstorms, fog, windy days, still days and with proper clothing a winter landscape. And we often use fascinating details from the “Ottawa Weather Records” Twitter feed because some of us live in Ottawa (though NB whoever is behind OWR bears no responsibility for what we make of the material). So consider the news that “With a mean wind of 23km/h, yesterday was #Ottawa's 2nd windiest Jun 19th since records began in 1953.”

It can only mean one thing. But not that climate change is making it windier. That the world is a weird and wonderful place and weather is just wacky and you should expect the unexpected. And speaking of wind, forecaster Joe Bastardi Tweeted that “CONTRARY to my preseason idea. Tornadoes have fallen below the average despite a favorable temperature pattern this spring season.  Temps what I thought, but response with tornadoes not. Dang climate change ( Sarc)”.

Not everyone proofreads their tweets. But despite that regrettable fact, despite the failure of tornadoes to get worse as confidently predicted by global warming alarmists when they’re not predicting the opposite, and despite a finding that the actual trend in tropical cyclones over the 20th century seems to have been down dramatically, National Geographic breathlessly profiles a Florida International University facility for testing the impact of hurricanes:

“That test, and others, tell the engineers at the university’s Extreme Events Institute how to design and build structures that will withstand the 157 mile-per-hour winds that come with a top-rated Category 5 storm. But now, as climate change threatens to make storms worse, scientists are planning to build a new hurricane lab to test what some unofficially call a Cat 6…. This year, forecasters are predicting an above-average hurricane season for the third year in a row…. The science behind how climate change will affect hurricanes is increasingly clear.”

Not settled science again. Please.

NBC also goes right on cherry-picking heat records and lecturing that “Heat waves are expected to become more frequent and intense as a result of climate change. Though heat waves occur naturally in the summer, human-caused climate change is exacerbating these events because emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases are causing average temperatures to rise.” And New Scientist insists that “Every heatwave occurring today is more intense due to climate change”. Every. Single. One. And then it chucks the models out the window with “It is no longer important to use modelling to determine whether a heatwave was made more likely by climate change, say scientists, because it plays a role in all heatwaves today”. Despite which the gravy train must roll: They spoke to Friederike Otto of Imperial College London and “she says studies will still be needed to know exactly how much more likely and intense heatwaves were made by climate change.”

Still, evidence is evidence. And a new study by Paul Homewood for the Global Warming Policy Foundation says that while the UK did warm between the 1980s and early 2000s, it hasn’t since, heat waves are not getting worse, and because there has been a decline in extreme cold waves (and windstorms) the overall picture is that weather has become less extreme.

Also, the planet is no warmer today than it was in 2000 and doesn’t seem to be warming now. So any reports of the consequences of continued warming fail at a pretty fundamental level. Which includes that it’s snowing on the glaciers we were told would be long gone by now.

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  1. So as the world is getting warmer, when I go outside I won’t need to pack clothes for 4 seasons each day. Thank goodness, I can’t afford all the clothes I need to buy. 😂

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