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CDN by the Sea: Gibara, Cuba

29 Jun 2022 | Science Notes

Hurricane season is approaching, so residents of the Caribbean need to take all the usual precautions in case a big one blows in unexpectedly. As for the sea level issue, well it’s not exactly operating on the same timetable. Here is the chart for Gibara, Cuba.

At the current rate it will take 399 years to rise by one meter.

If sea level rise is a worry, the bigger problem for Gibarans is that decades of a military dictatorship imposing a ruinous form of communism on the economy means Cuba isn’t likely to build new infrastructure or undertake any kind of sensible adaptation. But if they manage to throw off the regime in, say, 300 years, that still leaves them a century to get the retaining walls built. And free people can accomplish far greater marvels in far shorter periods so Viva Cuba Libre.

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