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1920 or 2020? Hobart Tasmania Edition

12 Jan 2022 | 1920 or 2020, Science Notes

One of the elder statesmen of the climate blogging world was the late John Daly, whose website can still be seen online although it hasn’t been active since his death in 2004. Daly lived near Launceston, Tasmania and was a skeptic long before it was cool (which it still isn’t, alas, though we’re trying), especially regarding surface temperature records. He compiled a worldwide set of temperature station record graphs up to 2000 using NASA data from before much of the monkeying around with the numbers started. They’re worth a look, such as this one from four stations in Canada’s Arctic. And in his honour, for this week’s “1920 or 2020?” contest we take you to Daly’s neighbourhood, Hobart TAS, south of Launceston, where we invite you to look at the daily temperature readings and figure out which one is from cool, comfy 1920 and which one is post-climate apocalypse 2020.

And the answer is...

If you weren’t sure, or guessed wrong, that might just explain Daly’s doubts about the climate crisis.

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