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A timely reminder that cold kills

20 Oct 2021 | Science Notes

Via NoTricksZone we learn of a new study in The Lancet that confirms what many other authors have found: Cold weather kills more people than hot weather. A lot more. In a study of 65 million deaths in nine large countries comprising 29% of the world’s population, the authors found that in the year 2019, 356,000 were attributable to heat while 1,337,000, nearly 4 times as many, were attributable to cold. In high income countries the contrast is even sharper: Cold weather is responsible for 19 times as many deaths as hot weather. People sometimes ask us if we have any swag for sale, and it might be time to make up T-shirts that say Global Warming Saves Lives.

The 19:1 ratio was also observed in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It was a bit lower in China, where cold kills only 9.8 times as many people as heat, and in the USA where it kills 10.3 times as many as heat. But in all nine countries for which they had data the authors found cold weather deadlier than hot weather.

Then they extrapolated mightily outside their data set and argued that the numbers in some hot regions would be more nearly balanced, and there might be places where heat kills more than cold. But in all the places where they had direct observations, cold was deadlier than heat.

Even deadlier still, by implication, is cold weather in countries run by green zealots obsessed with imposing bad climate policy which makes energy unaffordable and leaves people shivering during blackouts and fuel shortages.

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