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27 Jan 2021 | OP ED Watch

In the ongoing parade of disastrous things caused by climate change, we now hear that it threatens the grave of Karl Marx. Which we have to say does not only suggest that the supply of credible scare stories is running dry but might lead a lot of people to think warming isn’t so bad after all.

There are plenty of other stories out there saying oh yes it is, world ends. For instance apparently global warming is killing the dead polar night which wasn’t dead anyway. We also now hear that in addition to having to dim the sun to stop warming, we may also have to do something about the moon. Seems it’s releasing Arctic methane. Bad moon. Push it away.

Speaking of away, a great distance from the Arctic in New Zealand there’s an ambitious “Predator Free 2050” plan to rid that nation, including its many islands, of invasive beasties that are munching up indigenous wildlife. Which sounds like a commendable if, as its authors admit, audacious scheme. Especially when it comes to stoats, a “perfect predator” that manages to reappear when eradicated. And of course… drum roll please… “Alpine areas that previously were just beyond a stoat’s range may be warming up enough through climate change to allow the mammals to survive.”

Finally, let’s not forget the jaguar eating an ocelot in Guatemala two years ago. What more proof could anyone want? Mind you, the theory there was that tropical rains are seasonal “and with climate change, some of these tropical ecosystems are expected to become even more seasonal”. So the jaguar figured why wait? Or the editor did.

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