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Where'd my green recovery go?

30 Sep 2020 | News Roundup

Short weeks ago it lived and indeed breathed fire or possibly the lack of it. The Throne Speech was going to bring us that dreaded green reboot that “all Canadians” apparently knew we needed, the very purpose for which Parliament was prorogued and a new session launched with a new agenda. Then somebody forgot. As Dan McTeague of Canadians for Affordable Energy noted, “The slogan “Green Recovery” was completely absent. Didn’t hear it – not even once”. Oh dear. Did focus groups say not to touch it with a ten-foot poll? Is your commitment only poll deep?

McTeague’s guess is yes. He speculates that “the slogan “green recovery” obviously didn’t play well in the pre throne speech focus groups”. So poorly, in fact, that “the word “green” itself only appears once.” But don’t relax and take a deep breath yet. Because, he warns, the plan hasn’t changed. Just the marketing. “This green agenda is hidden behind great sounding ideas like energy efficiency retrofits, and clean tech support that will supposedly generate 1 million jobs. This is even more ambitious than the 50,000 green jobs Dalton McGuinty, Kathleen Wynne and Gerry Butts promised with the spectacular failure known as the Ontario Green Energy Act.”

McTeague refers to the “green ideologues running our country”. And in a sense it is to their credit, since hypocrisy is a singularly shabby vice that impedes intelligent conversation, that the Trudeau administration, and probably much of the civil service, is dominated by people who actually believe CO2 is destroying the planet, and in consequence they are going to act as though they believed CO2 was destroying the planet. Hence the Throne Speech’s failure to mention the oil and gas industry either. And if it had, it would have done so in the spirit of the anteater in the old The Ant and the Aardvark series saying (roughly) “Hey ant, I want to talk to you about your future.”

The great and the good including Prince Charles really are planning a “Great Reset”, not as some plot but because they all believe in it and don’t know, or want to know, anyone who doesn’t. And they know Trudeau and he’s on board.

In light of which there is a whiff of shabby hypocrisy in leaving it out of the Throne Speech. But especially with Parliament reduced to a puzzling historical relic, it has little substantive importance. What matters is whether the administration now decides to retreat to solid ground in this crisis, trying to balance the budget and foster free enterprise, or whether it casts what’s left of fiscal prudence to the howling winds of climate change and seeks to remake the economy in the green image that has proven such a boon everywhere else.

2 comments on “Where'd my green recovery go?”

  1. You are much too kind to the Trudeau Liberals. You think they actually believe the nonsense they spout about climate change. They don't; not even a little bit. It is just a cause they exploit in their quest for power. You can tell they don't believe it by their own actions. Nobody in Canada has a bigger carbon footprint than Justin and his Cabinet. Justin thinks nothing of flying across Canada and back, with an entourage of security in tow, just to get in a day of surfing at Tofino. McKenna has her chauffeur drive from Ottawa to Montreal and Toronto empty, while she flies a plane, so that the chauffeur can pick her up at the airport and drive her around the city. These are not the actions of people who believe the planet is in danger of burning up due to CO2 emissions. They are as phony as the quintessential televangelists Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker.

  2. These people want us to become "green" , we need to sacrifice and reduce our living standard, and pay for the "green" power.
    They don't want to do it, as they need to travel and spread the message.

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