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World ends, no film at 11

13 Nov 2019 | OP ED Watch

Al Gore and his acolytes will be taking his show on the road later this month, with seminars in schools across the Americas on Nov. 20 and 21 giving a meticulously unbalanced look at one side of the climate issue. Not that teachers are indoctrinating your kids to come home glassy-eyed and chanting weird slogans in unison, you understand. It’s just that we’re all sinners and Greta is our Savior. Or cult leader. In which case don’t be surprised when it becomes a suicide cult.

They’re long past warning about rising temperatures. Now it’s: “$ Political Instability $ Species Extinction $ Floods & Mudslides $ Melting Glaciers $ Wildfires $ Famine $ Drought $ Water Scarcity $ Storm Damage $ Ecosystem Loss $ Ocean Acidification $ Our Way of Life $ Infrastructure Loss $ Infections Diseases $ Climate Refugees $ Sea Level Rise… And much, much more” to quote one of Gore’s slides. (The dollar signs are because it’s The Cost of Carbon.) More? Much more? We’re already facing Drought and Water Scarcity. No please. Have mercy.

One documented effect of climate change is widespread anxiety, depression and even panic. To subject susceptible young people to this sort of stuff you’d better be very sure you’re right because it will cause real suffering.

Of course the upside is that students might at some point balk against such blatant mind control. Especially when they don’t get the stuff promised on the side. Which interestingly doesn’t include temperature increases. Perhaps they’ve already realized they’re losing that battle with the evidence including in our Climate Emergency Tour series. Or maybe hysteria is disrupting the clarity of their thinking.

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