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Little green movement

13 Nov 2019 | News Roundup

U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden (or snitch or whatever you want to call him) has published a book from his exile in Moscow about what he found during the time he enjoyed what he calls “ridiculous access to the networks of the NSA, the CIA, the military”. Including the shocking discovery that the American government is not hiding crashed UFOs or the bodies of little green persons, that “man really did land on the moon” and that “Chemtrails are not a thing.” Anything else? Yes: “Climate change is real.” What’s climate change doing on the list?

Belief in climate change is hardly confined to a handful of conspiracy kooks. It sounds as out of place on his list as if he had said “bananas are real.” You mean there are people who doubted it? Maybe he thought so because he’s so often heard the slur term “climate change deniers” which is offensive not only because of its allusion to the holocaust but also because everyone acknowledges the climate is changeable, and in fact it’s often the skeptics in the room who are reminding everyone that the climate has varied in the past.

Still, we have to wonder what nugget of intercepted intelligence led him to conclude that climate change is real. The avalanche of government reports on the subject have hardly been locked away in secret vaults. It’s the information that it’s not a crisis, and that the science isn’t as certain as we’re so often told, that gets hidden from public eyes.

At least it did up until 10 years ago this week when a trove of incriminating emails among climate scientists was leaked to the public. We’ll have more to say about what came to be called Climategate next week.

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