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Historic climate event

16 Oct 2019 | News Roundup

We already noted the irony that the great September 27 strike for climate was followed immediately by cold weather and even snow in western North America. Well now NBC and others are promising us a “Historic October snowstorm” bringing up to two feet of snow and possible “record low temperatures”. At some point we will listen to boring old Mr. Thermometer instead of the exciting voice of youth on the supposed warming crisis, won’t we? Or look out the window in, say, Manitoba and see a genuine state of emergency because of what the Weather Network called “snow damage in Manitoba” that “looks like a tornado went through”.

As we’ve noted in our Climate Emergency Tour series, which also visited Winnipeg and found no sign of a trend toward hotter or stormier weather, lots of cities have declared rhetorical “climate emergencies” over supposed heating. But it’s the cold that’s causing actual emergencies, with power out and people in physical danger, on the roads and in their own homes.

The Weather Network also peddled “bone-chilling visuals out of Manitoba” (this hype appears on the mobile version, the search listing and the URL but not in the main browser version) and added “Don’t watch if you don’t like winter”. And in another video they said “There is snow everywhere and it’s only October”. Which surely prompts the conclusion that if cold, not heat, is the emergency, there’s something wrong with all the warming warnings.

Instead there was disappointment in some circles that Greta Thunberg did not win the Nobel Peace Prize for doing something unrelated to peace. Which might seem odd but the Prize is surprisingly often awarded by people who think “peace” is a synonym for “pro-humanity and anti-bad things”. After all, Al Gore won it.

Among Thunberg’s backers in the Nobel contest was Climate Home News, which said she “has singlehandedly sparked a global movement for climate action.” Which again might surprise Al Gore, or Michael Mann, or any number of others who thought they had spent years mobilizing people on the climate issue. But perhaps if Saint Greta is capable of such miracles she can also be credited with singlehandedly changing the weather in the course of two Fridays in September, so that now it is so cold the crops are threatened.

Hey, wait a minute. That’s bad.

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