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Climate Emergency Tour: Churchill Edition

Our climate emergency tour swings north to the shores of Hudson Bay this week. You might be surprised to learn that it is cold in Churchill Manitoba. Although if you have managed to keep your head while everyone about you is losing theirs, the news will not surprise you in the least, since Churchill is at the edge of the Canadian Arctic. And its temperatures since 1948 have not deviated from their pattern of getting very very cold in the winter.

As always we are indebted to the website weatherstats.ca for the charts and numbers. (You can see instructions how to get at the long-term data here.) This is what the temperature data look like for Churchill since 1943:

Annual highs reached a record high back in 1991, and a record low in 1978. The coldest annual low was in 1979 and the warmest in 2001.

The number of days below zero hit a record in 1972 (270 days) and came close again last year (261) while the usual range is 230-250:

Total precipitation is quite variable and has been somewhat lower in the past decade than previously:

Meanwhile wind speed was generally higher in the 1950s and 60s than more recently:

Tell the abundant polar bears there: no sign of a climate crisis in Churchill.

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