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Don't tell the polar bears

10 Jul 2019 | Science Notes

Last week we introduced the website weatherstats.ca from which you can easily obtain long term charts of all kinds of historical weather data for Canadian locations. Once upon a time this would have been of zero interest except to weather nerds, but now it's political dynamite. Today's chart comes from Churchill, Manitoba, home of the cuddly polar bears who, we're told, are being driven to extinction by allegedly soaring temperatures. Behold the full horror of Churchill temperatures since 1942:

The source for that chart is https://churchill.weatherstats.ca/charts/temperature-yearly.html. And, for good measure, here’s the number of days in Churchill with temperatures above 30 degrees C since World War II:

Which, according to the Parliament of Canada, constitutes an emergency. But there’s simply no trend here. Except toward ever-greater hysteria.

A recent lurid press release from Environment and Climate Change Canada began, “Climate change is real and Canadians are feeling the impacts—from wildfires that choke the air with smoke, to devastating floods and deadly heatwaves.” But where are the heatwaves? Not in Ottawa, not in Churchill. And look for more information from this source in upcoming newsletters.

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