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The EV Market Is On Fire... No Really

16 Aug 2023 | Readouts

One comment on “The EV Market Is On Fire... No Really”

  1. I'd like to bring to the Mr. Robson attention that as a subscriber to both the YouTube Channel and the newsletter, I find it disheartening when facts are presented in a skewed manner. Your critique of electric vehicles (EVs) in this video felt particularly out of place, especially given the justification provided.

    Firstly, comparing e-bikes to battery electric vehicles is an oversimplification. They are fundamentally different in design, capacity, and usage. It's essential to be clear and accurate when making such comparisons.

    Regarding the absence of a national database on fires in Canada, it's possible that there might be valid reasons for this omission. It's worth investigating further rather than making assumptions.

    Common sense suggests that if EVs were indeed more prone to fires than internal combustion engine vehicles, this fact would be widely known and discussed. While I'm not asserting the non-existence of such an issue with EVs, I didn't find the video to be particularly enlightening on the subject.

    One of the main challenges in the climate change debate is how facts are sometimes twisted or taken out of context to fit certain narratives. In this vast sea of misinformation, I rely on sources like Climate Discussion Nexus to provide a balanced and factual perspective on this intricate topic. As someone with a background in science, I can discern a well-founded argument from a weak one. Sadly, the recent comments on EVs did not meet the high standards I've come to expect from CDN.

    I genuinely hope for more rigorous and unbiased content in the future.

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