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  1. How are we going to get rid of misinformation in curriculum content that students are using in classrooms and from online course material?

    Students are afraid to challenge misinformation because they do not want to lose marks for doing so.

  2. the climate is heating and if you want any more evidence of that just look at Australia's disastrous bushfire season just passed as well as a thousand other examples heatwaves, floods, droughts, and cyclonic activity around the globe, or stick your heads in the sand and ignore the evidence at you peril.

  3. Shaun,
    You are obviously not reading fully the CDN bulletins or, you are choosing to ignore that which doesn't fit your blinkered view of the worlds climate.
    Regarding the Australian bush fires, as an example, the recent fires were worse than normal, (they occur every year), because of a misguided government regulation that said that all bush debris was to be left in place instead of being cleared away, apparently to protect wildlife and nature.
    Don't worry Shaun, the end of the world is not nigh, but, maybe the financial system will be in danger, surely the "environmentalist" cannot milk the the system for much longer before it collapses.

  4. As an educator in Australia, it is difficult to overcome the heavily-pushed propaganda that our students have been fed for 20+ years. Those that were fed this as high school students 10 years ago are now the teachers doing the same to the next. And so on.
    I've only recently become realistic about this and have awoken to the false propaganda and the terrifying motivations behind this push. (It is a part of the Marxist subversion process.) I was an alarmist. It is extremely difficult to convince teachers that the curriculum is wrong or incomplete, but I persist. I'm promoting Michael Shellenberger's book as essential reading for an educator.

  5. What has happened to Extinctionclock.org ? It "can't be found". Has it been shut down? When that happens, you know it contains truths!

  6. Shaun, we'll all go to your funeral. Poor you, all heated up or drowned by rising seas or dying of hunger or whatever else Al Gore predicts.

  7. That the Australian bushfires went so much out of hand is because the government forbid to burn dry wood under controlled conditions over a long time. And right now there is a snowstorm happening because it is so cold like 15 years ago. Heatwave, floods, droughts and cyclonic activity happen more the colder climate is because of the increased difference in temperatures between Poles and equator. The warmer it gets the more balanced these are. Storms exist because of these differences, so the bigger they are the stronger the storms. Logically the samller they are the weaker they get until they are no longer classified as storms. Warm periods are known for their pleasant climate whilst Climate pessima are known for storms floods, droughts, diseases and famine.

  8. Shaun, historically the wildfires in Oz have been as bad or worse. If you actually care about the science of it, it is the scientific approach to consider all possible explanations for a phenomenon , and using data, try to understand the contribution of every possible causal factor. Blaming "climate change" for every phenomenon is unscientific because "climate change " doesn't actually cause anything. It is a background factor that may affect any or every other factor, and may increase or decrease the strength of any factor. In this case, the fires have multiple causes, including an exceptionally strong impact of normal and predictable winds and currents in the Indian Ocean.

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