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  1. I've always said it! They are asking the wrong people Climatologists with vested interests. They should ask Historians who will say it's all happened many times before,just as fast and often much more extreme.
    Geoff Evans

  2. Excellent video! You vocalized how I've been feeling about the Business of Climate for quite some time and I thank you for it! I also have a degree that is not atmospheric in nature, but it is one that focuses on logic. The logic of man made warming has not sat well with me for quite some time and I am surprised at how many people accept the science without thinking about it at all. I would make a poor politician, unlike Dr. Mann.

    This is a video I will share with those who I think will be somewhat open to the idea of non CO2 driven warming. And perhaps those who aren't!
    Thank-you again

  3. Dear Dr. Robson,
    Your engagement in this issue, or rather pseudo-issue, is remarkable and very much welcome. You make very useful, very professional contributions that highlight the numerous inconsistencies of the theory of man made global warning. However, making reference to the historical geophysical record is irrelevant to the debate. The pundits of global warming claim that it is the increased emissions of CO2 by humans which causes the warming by the so called 'greenhouse effect'. This is the issue that needs to be addressed directly and not with sideline arguments of past climates, etc. Thus the merit of their claim rests on whether the earth's temperature is really increasing and whether it is due to the increased CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. I think that to counter the global warming claim one should simply deal with the validity of these claims, i.e. keep it simple.

  4. Yes, I liked the little Viking too! A bit like the ones in Bernard Cornwell's 'Last Kingdom' series of books.

  5. I rather like Dr Robson's ironic and sardonic 'we are all going to die' humour, if only because it points up the total lack of balance shown by those of a catastrophist persuasion (i.e. Grater 'Doom Goblin' Toonbuyer).

  6. I'm neither a scientist nor an historian but I am a little confused. If CO2 molecules are preventing radiation from escaping into the atmosphere, wouldn't those same molecules prevent radiation form the Sun getting through to the surface as well?

  7. It's a good question and the answer is that the spectrum of light (i.e. the frequencies) reaching the earth from the sun does not contain much if any infrared, what is released back to space from the earth as it cools is in the infrared. Note that not all infrared light, or radiation as it is often called, is reflected back to earth by C02, some is indeed reflected to space, 50/50. Moreover CO2 does not absorb all infrared radiation emitted by the earth, it is a narrow portion of the infrared spectrum that is absorbed by C02, you can look up these frequency ranges. That's basically it ...

  8. John,
    As always, a great video.
    Near the end you urge us to listen to all sides of the debate. I'd like to do that.
    Who is your anti-particle? That is, who in your opinion is the most credible proponent of man-made climate change, in the same way that you're (IMO) a credible opponent of it.
    I assume that a debate between the two of you would be very instructive (and probably great entertainment).
    If you could point to a video or article by this person, that'd be great.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. Dr Will Happer is an expert on the physics of CO2. How could someone who's been deeply involved with high powered CO2 lasers not understand how CO2 behaves? If people would listen to him and similarly qualified physicists like Dr Richard Lindzen, the whole "Man Made Global Warming Because Of Carbon Dioxide Pollution" hoax would collapse.

  10. John, as a litigator for 30 years, I can tell you that when your opponents can't attack your facts, they attack you. It's as old a rhetorical device as the Miocene.
    Take it as an admission that you're correct.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Common sense is not so common anymore and the world has gone mad.Keep up your great work John.
    You did allude to it but this hoax has prominent proponents who are so arrogant that they readily admit the purpose is to change our political system in the free world to that of socialism .
    And Socialism has never worked anywhere.The people I love need smart ,intelligent people like you to keep winning.I can feel a gradual change happening.

  12. Well done, John. I have never believed in man made global warming. I HAVE believed that it is just another con by the Establishment to drain more money out of the ordinary man. Our civilization is self-destructing through wokeness and silly ideas. I recommend "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change" by Marc Morano which puts the facts clearly as well as showing how we have all been conned....

  13. Finally somebody looking at climate history. As an earth scientist, I have always been amazed at how these climate predictions are made without looking at the past.
    Thanks for bringing sense to this debate!

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