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Defending Canada from heat tyranny

03 Apr 2024 | OP ED Watch

Canada is in a lot of trouble with its NATO allies for being such a deadbeat on defence, not to mention apparently leaning toward Hamas even more than the Biden administration. But fear not. We are alert to the real security threats. Thus Prime Minister Trudeau, who is actually cutting defence while spewing cash in every other direction as though debt didn’t carry interest, has found some cash for the good stuff. Tristin Hopper complains in the National Post that “As part of a surprise outlay of cash announced at a summit in South Korea, the Prime Minister’s Office has approved $8.4 million to study how autocracy thrives in warming temperatures.” Well yes. We all know Hitler and Stalin seized power in a heatwave. Or something.

Those in the climate cult are increasingly so certain that they are right that they don’t bother with pesky facts. They just say stuff like:

“So get this: the world’s coral reefs disappear at 1.5C. We are past 1.5C now and heading for 2C.”

And don’t bother asking if they, for instance, checked how the corals are doing or looked at the actual history of the planet to see whether coral evolved in much warmer conditions than today, or even looked at whether it flourishes now in warmer or colder seas. That rubbish is just for deniers.

By the same token Justin Trudeau, when he’s not actively praising tyrannies like the one in Beijing, or abetting ones like Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, doesn’t look at world history and the writings of historians, political scientists and participants to see whether there’s any real evidence that heat and autocracy are somehow correlated, let alone causally linked.

Instead the syllogism is dead simple, and emotionally satisfying. All bad things are the result of climate change and every result of climate change is bad. Autocracy is bad. Therefore it is caused by climate change. Now spend some public money getting people you can count on to say it is so to say it is so.

As Hopper notes:

“A backgrounder on the $8.4 million describes it as a project to reclaim ‘civic space to confront the climate emergency.’ ‘Canada is investing $8.4 million to support human rights defenders working on climate and environmental issues across the Global South,’ it reads. The ‘democratic decline’ project is being managed by the International Development Research Centre, a Crown corporation that is one of Ottawa’s primary conduits for overseas aid. The International Development Research Centre will also be getting an additional $4.6 million to ‘create an equitable, feminist, and inclusive digital sphere,’ according to a backgrounder by the Prime Minister’s Office.”

And when these people say “inclusive”, they mean it only includes people who think like them.

The wokery is exquisite. Thus:

“Other components of the $30-million package include $1.44 million ‘to strengthen the resilience of francophone LGBTQI+ rights movements in North Africa.’”

And there it might be a challenge to find any. But he’ll manage… in a non-colonial way, you understand, just getting the dopey locals to start sharing his values instead of their current ones. And with that much cash how can he miss? For instance:

“In 2023, while visiting a summit of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Trudeau announced an outlay of $44.8 million in ‘climate crisis’ money to various Caribbean agencies. This included $8 million to ‘improve ecosystem health’ via ‘local environmental and women-rights organizations.’”

And so easy when it’s someone else’s money, too.

2 comments on “Defending Canada from heat tyranny”

  1. UNICEF mission statement: Gender Equality-Nutrition-Climate Change-Social Policy. At the same time ~9m die of starvation annually with ~50% being children. Woke politics are more important than death.

  2. Alan
    Cultural Marxism (woke) along with those advocates of globalist / statist climate change salvation are essentially a death cult backed by the elite who consider the world to be way overpopulated. Human flourishing is considered evil. Trudeau proudly considers himself to be the embodiment of such pathologies. Canada's pampered voting Eloi agree.

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