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John Kerry is very very disappointed in you

13 Mar 2024 | OP ED Watch

John Kerry is finally stepping down as jet-setting pointless special U.S. presidential envoy on climate, frustrated that humanity in general and Americans in particular were not worthy of his benediction. Having been Massachusetts lieutenant-governor, Senator, presidential candidate, Secretary of State and special envoy, he sighs “Our politics are embarrassing”. After roaming the globe failing to get people on board, he tells the New York Times’ David Wallace-Wells that “everybody seems to be locked into a place of indifference.” Well, yes, we’re indifferent to what John Kerry has to say. But everyone he’s been jet-setting with seems to care very much about it, even if they have no inclination to do anything other than talk and he just failed conspicuously in his vital role of getting them to act.

To Kerry it’s all simple. Including his own ability to transcend mere politics. On his way out he assured the Guardian that:

“Nothing that we are doing, nothing that President Biden has sought to do, has any political motivation or ideological rationale. It’s entirely a reaction to science, to the mathematics and physics that explain what is happening [to the climate]”.

Not that he’s a scientist, a mathematician or a physicist, and nor is Biden. They are politicians, but, well, not like all the others. Ideology is for their sordid opponents. All they have is a consistent set of beliefs and a noble dedication to doing the right thing. (And a changing story; in 2021 Kerry said “Currently, as we’re talking today, we are regrettably on course to hit somewhere between 3, 4 degrees at the current rate” and in 2024 “I mean, point blank: we are heading towards about 2.5 degrees right now”, all due to the mathematics and physics that explain whatever I just made up.)

Their opponents by contrast stink. He knows it a priori, being non-ideological:

“’People are not being told the truth about what the impacts are from making this transition [to net zero greenhouse gas emissions],’ he said. ‘They’re being scared, purposely frightened by the demagoguery that is oblivious to the facts or distorting the facts. And in some cases outright lying is going on.’”

And, of course, the problem is “disinformation”:

“We have politics now entering into this – fighting for delay and fighting for progress. They’re [sic] procrastinating and they’re part of the disinformation crowd that are willing to put the whole world at risk for whatever political motivations may be behind their choices here”.

And in case you’re too dumb to get it, the Guardian’s “Environment editor” spells it out in crayon:

“Though Kerry refused to name any specific interests or politicians, his words reflect the concern among many that the climate is likely to be weaponised in the US election campaigns this year, and in other countries as billions of people around the world head to the polls. Donald Trump, who is campaigning to be the Republican candidate for a second term at the White House, has repeatedly cast doubt on climate science, vowing to remove the US from the Paris agreement and roll back the policies boosting clean energy espoused by Biden.”

Oooo. Weaponized. You mean somebody might say mean stuff about climate, eschewing Kerry’s high road where “The question is, are you going to put your head in the sand and do business as usual, because you’re so greedy?”

You stink. I say that non-ideologically, of course. These are scientific facts.

4 comments on “John Kerry is very very disappointed in you”

  1. If sociopaths like Kerry were successful in their designs for humanity, we would witness another mass humanity extinction event on par with Mao's great leap forward. If the death-cult ENGOs needed a ghoulish face as a brand, Kerry would be a perfect match.

  2. Munster Go Home!And don't come back!Indeed,Climate Alarmists like Kerry and Mann ARE sociopaths...and the trouble is that they have money,power and influence.And Mann is trying to wipe out dissenting voices with endless lawfare.Who is funding him?

  3. I love your comment John Chittick . Man who explains carbon as a blanket covering the atmosphere. The Presidential envoy??? Describing clime emergency??

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