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28 Feb 2024 | News Roundup
  • So they admit they misled us. Former IMF chief economist Olivier Blachard just told the British House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee that transitioning to the fabled low-carbon economy will be “much more expensive than people imagine”. How expensive? He didn’t know and nor does anyone else. But really, crushingly. “The public does not believe, or has not been made to understand, that is going to be costly for them. It is going to be costly and that message has to be sent out.” Then why, we ask, did you tell us the exact opposite for 30 years? (To be fair a report from the state-subsidized British academic “UK FIRES”, aka the Future Industrial Resource Efficiency Strategy did allow that there must be no plane travel or freight shipping by 2050. But when’s the last time you heard a pro-Net Zero politician say so?)
  • Speaking of ways this shiny new green economy will actually hurt, Blacklock’s reports, “As many as a fifth of Canadians face ‘energy poverty’ due to high costs, says the Canadian Journal of Public Health. ‘Depending on the measure, six to 19 percent of Canadian households face energy poverty,’ said a peer-reviewed study led by a McGill professor.” And here we were told carbon taxes made us richer. Oh dear.
  • Cue the circus tunes, apply the red putty noses and don the fright wigs. Someone called Mark Maslin, whose day job is “Professor of Natural Sciences” at University College, London, has paired with someone called Jo Brand, whose day job is “renowned British comedian and The Great British Bake Off host”, in “a project that translates complex climate science into accessible and funny content to spur millions of people into action.” Millions we tell you. So here’s a progressive knee-slapper to get things started: “Jo asked me in our chat after recording the main film, ‘was it time for scientists to be allowed to swear, as things are so bad?’” Yuk yuk. OK try again: “My answer… is no. Because the public expect scientists to be calm, rational and to stick to facts – as soon as we ‘become human’ we lose credibility.” Er, becoming human isn’t what causes you to lose credibility. It’s when you let your alarmist agenda cloud your judgment and sacrifice the well-being of humans to poorly-supported dogma.
  • As if to prove the point he continued: “So, in many ways, Jo Brand is my human side screaming at everyone to do something, now!” And the laughs just keep on coming: her humour runs to asking, when people were dousing climate skeptic European politicians with milkshakes, “Why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?” Hilarious. Can’t miss.
  • Speaking of comedians, it has been said before but Bill Maher did a particularly eloquent take-down of all the anti-GHG celebrities streaming out of Vegas after the Super Bowl in… private jets.
  • To hear the chattering classes tell it, everyone except oil companies and their political puppets is totally obsessed with climate change. However in-house research by the Canadian Privy Council finds that only 25% are “highly anxious” and “willing to make changes”, while 37 percent are “confused,” “less anxious” but “worried about climate change”, 18 percent claim to be “confused” and “willing to make changes but not leading the charge”, 13 percent are “indifferent” and 7 percent are “resistant”. So if you want something to worry about, it’s one of these trendy “behavioural science research” studies where the state, instead of trying to reflect the mood of the public, is looking for ways to manipulate it so we all become nervous and economic wrecks and give up meat while they gobble “filet mignon, ceviche, grilled dijon salmon and prawn ravioli.”
  • Told you so: The New York Times reports that “The East Coast Is Sinking” and “A major culprit: overpumping of groundwater”. So all that hype about global-warming-driven sea level rise was overdone? Heck no. “New satellite-based research reveals how land along the coast is slumping into the ocean, compounding the danger from global sea level rise.”
  • It isn’t cool to say so. But “The rate of global greening caused by recent increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide has accelerated during the last two decades, according to important new findings recently published by a group of Chinese scientists.” Their study says about 55% of the earth’s land surface saw accelerated growth, and only 7.3% a decline. Which rather gives the lie to claims of widespread crop failure and desertification. But also prompts us to wonder whether there might not be some positive tipping points where slow change suddenly leads to a desert blooming.

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  1. No kidding,they misled the public about the cost of going Green!See skyrocketing energy costs when Ontario Liberals forced windmills and solar
    panels onto mostly rural and conservative residents.Repeat for California,UK,Germany,and much of the EU.But oh yeah!Wind and solar are getting
    cheaper and cheaper all the time!
    And Bill Maher is spot on with his critique of celeb hypocrites jet setting everywhere.And he dared not say Swiftie's name on air lest he face litigation
    from her legal team.Among others I would imagine,he did say he was not allowed to name them.

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