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21 Feb 2024 | News Roundup
  • Tipping onto the nearest pillow: A New York Times “Climate Forward” piece “Tipping points for the planet” regurgitates the usual stuff about “profound upheavals as a result of human activity” and “Glaciers around the world… melting faster than expected” and Amazon deforestation, collapsing ocean currents and so forth then says “All of these developments appear worrisome on the surface. But, most concerning of all, they raise the specter that the planet may be approaching some of the so-called tipping points that could trigger severe and irreversible changes.” Like what, we sneer? Melting glaciers? Amazon deforestation? Collapsing ocean currents? But no. To infinity and beyond. Except “may be approaching” unless not. Zzzzzzzz. Especially since “There is no consensus that any large-scale tipping points have been reached, though there is debate about whether some, on the Greenland ice sheet and in many of the world’s coral reefs, are close or have already tipped.” So maybe we already tipped and it didn’t matter. Some crisis this is.
  • We are repeatedly told that the worst things imaginable for plants would be more plant food and more warmth. So it’s a bit odd to read that “B.C. cherry growers ‘reeling’ after January cold snap that damaged buds”. So now cold is bad? But just as cold is merely weather (and also only happens in “snaps”, never waves or domes) it’s also yet another by-product of warming. The story added that “As the climate changes, he [a farmer] said extreme temperatures and fluctuations are becoming increasingly frequent and severe in his community and beyond” and farmers needed, of all things, subsidies. Meanwhile geoengineering a general cooling trend would help because it would be good for fruit farming in Canada’s northern location because… um… uh…
  • In this topsy-turvy world, barren frozen wastes are good and plants are bad. No, really. Hence “Global warming is turning Greenland green.” Boo! Not green. Ice and tundra are so much better. See “Parts of Greenland’s ice sheet and glaciers that melted over the past three decades have been replaced by wetlands, shrub vegetation and areas of barren rock, according to a new study that used satellite images to track changes since the 1980s. The findings, published Tuesday in the journal Scientific Reports, raise concerns about how Greenland’s retreating ice could threaten the stability of the landscape, exacerbate rising sea levels and contribute further greenhouse gas emissions in areas that have turned into methane-producing wetlands.” Well of course they do. Whereas if only the glaciers would come back and turn Tennessee into tundra, we’d all get rich.
  • Euronews.green whines “Amazon tipping point: Up to 47% forest threatened by climate change and deforestation, study warns”. Threatened by? What does that phrase even mean? It might get drier if it gets drier? Ah well “Climate tipping points like Amazon loss are hard to comprehend in their complexity and enormity. But the call to action from the study authors is familiar and clear.” It would be.
  • Among Canada’s failed annoying climate policies is this business of taxing “carbon pollution” then giving us the money back, inefficiently, so we can keep right on buying gas. Canadians don’t like it. But the geniuses who are reinventing our economy with whole new industries and technologies nobody else knew worked have a solution: rename the Climate Action Incentive Payment the Canada Carbon Rebate.
  • When the German chancellor came to Canada to beg for natural gas our Prime Minister, a man uncontaminated by real-world business experience, promptly declared that there was no business case for selling a valuable product to a man waving hard cash in our faces. And now we read that “Fracked U.S. gas will flow through Mexico” because “The fracking boom has transformed the United States into the world’s largest natural gas producer and exporter, causing enormous shifts in energy markets. Energy giants like Exxon Mobil have the supply. The rest of the world, especially in Asia, has the demand, using ever more natural gas, partly to move away from coal and oil. Mexico will be key to America’s continued dominance.” Canary Media notes, albeit unhappily, that “Mexico begins its own LNG buildout as US developers look to the south”. Whereas in Canada we won’t build roads or export oil and gas. But we will flourish based on our unrivalled capacity to pump out self-satisfied political nonsense.

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  1. The Holy Church of Climate Change demands uncritical belief and obedience, and employs a collection of sacred phrases to scare and awe the common people. Tipping point is one, as are hockey stick, climate catrastrophe, deforestation, and many more. Lesser priests, otherwise known as journalists, are encouraged to pepper their sermons with them without regard to whether they have any meaning in the circumstances. Repent ye, O my brethren, lest thou be cast into a fiery furnace! Now where have I heard that before?

  2. @Scientific Reports,guess they forgot about the Medieval Warm Period when Scandinavians flourished in Greenland for 2-3 centuries.Because
    temps there were at least as warm as today.Then the Little Ice Age come along,and most of them abadoned their settlements,too inhospitable and
    cold,even for the hardy Norse people.
    There's our glorious third-rate drama teacher PM sabotaging our economy again when he sez there's no business case for exporting LNG.
    Be different story if the gas sector was in Quebec!Meanwhile,the US and Mexico capitalize on Canada's squander opportunity.
    Thanks a lot Trudeau,you ^@#$%' dummy!

  3. Mt. Tambora eruption 1815
    Rapid, dramatic temperature swings were common, with temperatures sometimes reverting from normal or above-normal summer temperatures as high as 95 °F (35 °C) to near-freezing within hours.

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