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14 Feb 2024 | News Roundup
  • The University of Toronto figures the right way to deal with the collapse of university credibility and finances is to slash carbon emissions on its storied St. George campus in Toronto by 2027 “through a massive, $138-million infrastructure project that will cut emissions in half within three years.” Or try to, for those who still remember that wishes are not horses. Mind you they do thank the Canada Infrastructure Bank for chucking in over $50 million so they’re spending other people’s money on this fantasy. Other people being you if you’re a Canadian reader. One of whom asked “How many scholarships for Canadian students could have been paid with that unnecessary expenditure?” And another of whom commented that the plan is to convert one of five gas boilers to electric, keeping the other four (and the gas turbine) intact because gas actually works.
  • We hear from Reuters “Sustainable Switch” that “Landslide kills 15 in Philippines” which of course like wildfires in Chile is evidence of man-made climate change. That landslides frequently kill people in the Philippines, wildfires are common in Chile and sundry other bad things happen each year is evidence of… nothing, obviously.
  • That old thing? Both the Canadian Press and The Guardian, via MSN, tell us “Ocean system that moves heat gets closer to collapse, which could cause weather chaos, study says” and “Atlantic Ocean circulation nearing ‘devastating’ tipping point, study finds”. And if you’re into nameless dread, the Guardian adds that “The scientists behind the research said they were shocked at the forecast speed of collapse once the point is reached, although they said it was not yet possible to predict how soon that would happen.” So if you’re into settled science, predictions you can test, and studies based on the real world not computer models, give it a miss.
  • Something called Knews, again via MSN, asks “How Did the Earth Become a Giant Snowball 700 Million Years Ago?” And of course you know the answer already and it’s not continental drift, cosmic rays or anything else: “the scientists say their research shows how sensitive global climate change is to atmospheric carbon concentration.” Or how sensitive grants and publication are to it.
  • Last week we noted Greta Thunberg’s apparent immunity to normal legal consequences due to her fame and virtue. And now “Greta Thunberg joins banned anti-motorway protesters in France  after police fired tear gas and made arrests at demo… wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh”. Hooked on fame, she’s chasing the dragon, including accusing Israel of genocide, and she won’t stop escalating until someone gets hurt, or someone enforces the law. As Kathleen Stock warned seriously in Unherd in January, “We need to free Greta Thunberg/ She is now too old to serve her purpose”. Calling her “a young person of a totally predictable type: intelligent but also dogmatic, emotionally immature, somewhat socially challenged, and as yet unaware of the world’s ethical complexity” Stock warns that once she stops being a symbol of the innocence of youth her older-but-not-really-adult groupies, whose “veneration is frankly a bit weird”, will lose interest, leaving her lost and bewildered.
  • More on the snow of end: “The Nova Scotia government is asking Ottawa for help as the province digs out from an ‘extreme snowfall’ that has prompted parts of Cape Breton to declare local states of emergency.” Strange weather they’re having. Whereas the comparative lack of snow in Ottawa is climate-related. Curiously, the heavy snowfall in Cape Breton appears to have been quite dangerous to human health.

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  1. U of T spending 50 million of taxpayers money to help switch from gas boilers to electric?Just last night on TVO's The Agenda,guests lined up to tell
    Steve Paikin how "underfunded" universities are.They say they need another 4 billion just this year!Rots of ruck getting that.Universities have become
    so woke,I'm glad they're going broke!Everyone is walking on eggshells,afraid of offending someone or something,being cancelled,especially staff.
    Just ask Prof. Jordan Peterson,who left U of T,because he felt he could no longer instruct students the way he has in the past.They no longer teach
    young people how to think,they teach them what to think.I wouldn't last a week at a post-secondary institution today.

  2. Alan, don’t forget the punchline, the supposed trigger is a melting Greenland but when you add up the amount of fresh water required to cause this it’s 7 times the Greenland icecap volume.

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