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17 Jan 2024 | News Roundup
  • According to StarInsider’s 31-slide presentation on “The dire consequences of climate change on everyday life” in case you didn’t know you were miserable and CO2 caused it, one is “heat-related disorders such as heat stroke, exhaustion, cramps, and rashes.” Nobody had rashes in the past, you see. Or don’t, because they also list “increased industrial air pollution and that caused by wildfires” so maybe you can’t see at all.
  • A story popular with the usual suspects is that, as Reuters “Sustainable Switch” puts it, “Risk specialists see extreme weather and misinformation as most likely to trigger a global crisis in the next couple of years, according to a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) survey.” As in the misinformation that the weather is getting worse when the data say otherwise? Or isn’t that the kind they had in mind?
  • Canada’s climate-obsessed Natural Resources Minister, whose wife invests in fossil fuel stocks, tweets “Are you between the ages of 18 and 30 and interested in energy, natural resources and strategies to help combat climate change? Apply to be a part of @NRCan’s next cohort of our Youth Council.” And if you follow the link “We’re recruiting several young leaders to participate in a Youth Council to contribute Canada’s most pressing natural resource issues.” Which apparently include proofreading. But if you get drawn into the blob you will be a proud if pointless part of a bureaucracy that advertises an opportunity on Jan. 8 for which applications close on the 10th because not enough future ADMs wanted to join by the original deadline a week earlier.
  • A Fox News exposé, so those so inclined can attack the messenger instead, reveals that to no sensible person’s great surprise, coal-powered geopolitical menace China is actively subsidizing climate alarmists in the United States. Something called “the Energy Foundation” or, on tax documents, “Energy Foundation China”, headquartered in San Francisco but with most of its operations in China and “a staff that boasts extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party… contributed $3.8 million to initiatives in the U.S. like phasing out coal and electrifying the transportation sector.” And they say deniers take dirty oil money.

3 comments on “Tidbits”

  1. Climate-obsessed journalists invariably write about “increased industrial air pollution". Anyone familiar with an industrial city in the Western world before about 1960 will laugh hollowly at this. Pollution levels at that time meant that the sun was rarely visible because of smog, there was a pervasive smell in the air, and shirts had separate collars so they could be changed every day without having to change the entire shirt. After a day wearing a shirt in a city there was a black ring around the inside of the collar from suspended soot particles in the atmosphere.

  2. One of the worst-kept secrets around is that China and Russia have been funding alarmists for years.While they continue to drill,baby,drill(for oil),or
    throw up a coal plant every week.Talk about supplying the rope to hang ourselves,as Lenin predicted a century ago.

  3. It can't be that China and Russia are helping countries to destroy their economy and power grids? That's a tad underhanded! What could they possibly hope to gain?

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