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22 Nov 2023 | News Roundup
  • Speaking of courts, Canada’s Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault just got the smackdown from the Federal Court for having abused the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and common sense by labeling plastics of the sort used in drinking straws and grocery bags “toxic” so as to ban them under a statute intended to target things that are poisonous rather than so safe you can carry food home in them or even consume it through them. Politicians call such things following the science but the court rightly declared it “unreasonable and unconstitutional” (which people often forget are not synonyms) and it may not have helped that the judge in question has an MSc in biochemistry. Of course Guilbeault plans to appeal. Just not to voters. And a lawyer with “Ecojustice” whines that “This decision sets Canada back in its efforts to tackle the plastics crisis. Ecojustice maintains that it is well within the authority of the federal government to regulate plastic pollution.” Yeah, just not to slap the label “toxic” on anything you like.
  • More bad news on glaciers. “Word comes from Switzerland that the Alpine glaciers are in full retreat”. Bummer. As in of 102 that the research team examined, two-thirds were shrinking. On the plus side, it’s a New York Times story from December 21 of 1930 (h/t Tony Heller). So the natural warming has been going on for a century now and more. Not our fault.
  • More bad news on renewables. North American Windpower passes on an AP story that “wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa has halted plans to produce blades for offshore wind at a previously announced facility at the Portsmouth Marine Terminal in Portsmouth, Va.” And Europe’s largest onshore wind farm, Markbygden ETT in Sweden, has filed for bankruptcy.
  • A former chief climate advisor to the British government, Adair Turner, the first chair of the Committee on Climate Change, calls the decision to open a new coalmine a “disaster” for something called “climate diplomacy”. Apparently by admitting it needed fossil fuels to avoid an economic and social disaster the UK emboldened other countries to admit the blindingly obvious, namely that they had made an identical choice. And compared to virtue-signalling, what is a matter of some biddies and geezers dying of cold as a result of deliberate government policy? After all, Lord Turner as he is also known is a graduate of Cambridge, a former high-flyer with BP and the Chase Manhattan Bank, not to mention the consulting firm McKinsey & Co., and served as Director-General of the Confederation of British industry in the 1990s and chair of the Financial Services Authority from 2008 to 2013 where he defended lavish bonuses for staff. And he owns a house in Provence. So he can afford fuel.
  • It is more decimal places. An alert reader sends us an item from Sky News that includes an infobox of “Global warming since 1880” that to create a debt-clock-style sense of panic has the digits flicking over every second or so. What, so it’s going up a tenth of a degree a second? Six degrees a minute? Heck no. This is the gates of nonsense not of Hades... including that they actually give the worldwide temperature to nine decimal places. As of 16:55 on November 17 (Eastern Time) the figure was 1.25931006°C. And there were how many thermometers in central Africa in 1880 that could measure to nine decimal places? Or three? Or one? Or to a degree and a half?
  • From the coerced speech/politicize everything file, Blacklock’s Reporter informs us that “Cabinet in a Ministerial Mandate letter says sports including minor leagues in Canada should cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The directive also suggested athletes become spokespeople for climate change.” And for once the proposals at least dovetail; the more time athletes spend pushing state propaganda the less time they’ll spend exerting themselves, breathing hard, and spewing CO2 instead of subsidized baloney.

3 comments on “Tidbits”

  1. I just did the math. 0.000000001° C is to 1.8x10 to the -9 degrees fahrenheit. Does even the National Institute of Standards have a thermometer that sensitive?!

  2. Polymer grocery bags. They are not only recyclable but reusable. Whatever the bag construction is the contents carried home are probably at least 40% of polymer packaging. The only thing toxic is the bile from the pols mouths.
    Cheers all

  3. Wonder if the athletes at Seattle's so-called Climate Pledge Arena will try less hard,so as to reduce their CO2 emissions?lol
    Meanwhile,not too far away,Seattle has one of the worst homeless,drug addiction,soaring crime neighborhoods anywhere.
    But hey!At least they're doing their part at the Woke Arena to fight climate change!

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