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01 Nov 2023 | News Roundup
  • Now that it’s fall, with characteristically large swings between warmth and cold it can be hard to keep track of what’s weather and what’s climate change. For instance GB News tells us that Britain, which had a cold, clammy summer, “braces for arctic deep freeze as ongoing storms threaten to lash country”. But it’s just a “‘volatile’ weather pattern” not climate change. Whereas when a few places in Ontario set a record for high lows on October 27 it’s “driven by climate change.” Meanwhile snow on the ground on October 30 was just… well, you know (with a side of climate change melting glaciers).
  • Can nature be resilient after all? The Atlantic reports that fungi help trees even in the face of the dreaded climate change. Don’t worry though. Doom looms as warming comes for the mycelium: “In a world where one-third of tree species are at significant risk of extinction, and where climate change is already disturbing the networks of fungi on which trees depend, understanding exactly how fungi shore up this system could show just how crucial fungal health is to our collective survival.” Still, the science is settled and that’s the key thing.
  • It’s been a terrible hurricane season in North America if you were hoping for “gotcha” climate bad weather. Nightmare after nightmare turned into a good night’s sleep. But now for sure: “Hurricane Otis: How a tropical storm turned into a ‘nightmare scenario’ overnight” with a good old “life-threatening storm surge”. And of course “The hurricane’s incredible ramp-up fits with a pattern scientists are following with concern… Scientists have said that rapidly intensifying storms will likely be more common as a result of climate change.” It quickly weakened to a Category 2 for some unrelated reason, though. The New York Times “Climate Forward” insisted that “A ‘nightmare’ hurricane developed in a flash” and Otis did take at least 27 lives in Mexico. But Mexico, sadly, suffers inept government, poverty and poor infrastructure. And a hurricane in 1959 killed some 1,800 people there, making it the deadliest Pacific hurricane ever without being in any way due to man-made climate change, far more deadly than Otis.
  • Climate change alarmism isn’t just bad science. It also exhibits a variety of other red flags typical of undesirable political trends, including keeping very bad company. Not only did Greta Thunberg endorse Hamas after the worst single-day killing of Jews for being Jews since the Holocaust, the UN Secretary-General who seems to think his job description is Climate Alarmist in Chief, made such an offensive speech blaming Israel for the massacre that its government is demanding his resignation and refusing visas to UN personnel.
  • Speaking of sound science meeting sound economics, which it has done in Bjorn Lomborg’s massive study profiled in our Newsletters, Canary Media boasts of “The trillion-dollar quest to make green steel”. But unless steel-making can plausibly be shown to be causing sufficient warming, by itself, to cause a trillion dollars in worse weather, it’s money ill spent even if it works. Which is also a big if.
  • Some thirty years ago humourist Dave Barry observed that government “is always looking for expensive new ways to appear ridiculous”. Sure enough, the people responsible for sustaining insouciant extravagance in the office of Canada’s Governor General managed to spend $8 million replacing a warehouse dubbed “the barn”. OK, they included solar panels. But if this is, as claimed, “the Government of Canada’s first zero carbon building” in the nation’s capital maybe it should be the last as well.
  • From the “it’s all bad, duh” file, Heatmap Daily kicks off a newsletter with “At this point, I’m pretty sure that most Heatmap readers intuitively understand that climate change will make it harder to achieve virtually any geopolitical goal.” Right. Because warmth never ever makes anything better, even by accident.

2 comments on “Tidbits”

  1. Just a small point on credibility. All reports I have found on Hurricane Otis say it came ashore as a cat 5 storm.

  2. The "scientists" mining the fungi hysteria have been till now mostly of the anything-to-stop-logging variety but like all the other "disciplines", can really cash in when you add "climate" to the cause. As with all science, the most hysterical have been refuted but the media will not take no for an answer.

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