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30 Aug 2023 | News Roundup
  • Last week we noted the New York Times declaring the climate-driven “End of the Summer Vacation as We Know It”. But Air Canada’s frequent-flyer Aeroplan evidently didn’t get the memo. Instead it urged me to “Hurry to the heat while 2X is still here” with a picture of an attractive young surfer whose day in tropical paradise, apparently, won’t be complete until I show up.
  • Nevertheless the rhetorical temperature continues to rise exponentially. National Geographic warns that “As climate change brings more extreme heat, air conditioning use is going to skyrocket, baking the planet even more.” Not just baking it. Baking it even more. What are we, refried beans? Again I note that it takes a temperature of at least 140°C to trigger the Maillard reaction, and since on this mid-afternoon in late August it’s 22°C outside my window I’m 118° short. And an alert viewer notes of the dreaded “heat dome“ that “they used to call it a ‘high pressure system.’ Felt SO much cooler back then.”
  • In the National Post Tristin Hopper warns that “Net zero – touted as an unquestionable imperative for a livable future – could wind up being one of the most fantasist things ever endorsed by a Canadian federal government.” And in its Financial Post section, former Canadian finance minister Joe Oliver unloads on a key component, the incumbent Liberals’ new draft net-zero electricity regulations (of which the Post editorial board said “Liberal net-zero scheme heralds dark era of ever-growing government”), calling them futile, divisive and obtuse. And, in words more incumbent politicians need to utter: “The two militant ministers would have us believe, as their backgrounder states, that ‘Climate scientists are unequivocally telling us that we must drastically reduce our emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero by 2050 if we are to leave a habitable world to our children.’ Wake-up call to true believers: Hundreds of prominent scientists deny – yes, deny – that a climate emergency exists, including most recently John F. Clauser, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics.”
  • Credit where due: Greta Thunberg cancelled an appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival titled “Greta Thunberg: It’s Not Too Late to Change the World”. And you might say fine, don’t ask questions. But the reason is that she accused the festival’s main sponsor, investment management firm Baillie Gifford, of “greenwashing.” If only all climate alarmists were as consistent and principled. They’d never use anything powered by or made of petrochemicals… and we’d never hear from any of them again, about vacuous “change” or anything else.
  • Mind you when a Finnish university awards the Swedish Scold an honorary degree in theology, we can only say hey, it wasn’t us that said the climate cult had become a religion. And that it would be even sillier to give her one in science.
  • As for the vanishing Arctic ice, Susan Crockford notes that two Russian oil tankers have been trapped by it in the middle of summer. Weird, huh?

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  1. I've been waiting since 2015 for the current federal gov't to lead by example, by cutting their emissions without shifting the burden onto taxpayers - i.e. while maintaining the same budget. Instead, the gov't's carbon footprint keeps increasing year after year, including that of the PMO, the Finance Minister, the Environment Minister, and all of cabinet. It's almost as though they don't believe their own narrative...

  2. Ever-growing government indeed.The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says that there are now 98,000 more bureaucrats since 2015.No wonder the Liberal gov't's carbon footprint keeps increasing every year.And how many times has Trudeau balanced the budget after being handed a balanced budget by the previous Conservative administration?They have roughly as much intention of balancing the books as Communist China has of reaching Net Zero!

  3. Question: "Why isn't China concerned about global warming? Answer: "Because they already have a communist government". -
    el gato malo at Substack

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