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So about those fires...

19 Jul 2023 | News Roundup

The alarmists are almost as excited about Canadian wildfires as they were a few years back when the lungs of the world were ablaze. Heatmap Daily emailed us “Smoke Until October” on June 30, unlike Canada itself where the smoke dissipated (and dialed it back to “The East Coast’s Smoke Could Last Until October” in the actual story). The Atlantic asked “How Long Will Canada Burn?” though we are in Canada and had the author asked we could have told her “Canada” is not on fire, just a few bits of our vast forest. As for the subsequent “One thing is certain: More extreme smoke days are coming” we could have told her they promptly ended. But here’s the big question: If “global” warming is causing Canada’s record wildfire season, why (h/t Judith Curry) is the American one “setting up to historically be one of the slowest years on record”? Is America on a different planet? Or at least a different continent? Um no.

NBC was still blowing frantically on some damp kindling with a story “U.S. faces a wild weekend of weather, including extreme heat and severe storms” that said:

“In addition to increasing the risk of heat-related illnesses and deaths, the hot and dry conditions in the West raise concerns about the outbreak of wildfires.”

It was published June 30 and didn’t predict, incidentally, that the world was about to set an all-time record for computer-generated unprecedented heat since 1979. But predictions are for losers when it comes to climate science, apparently.

So is calm rationality. Global News croaked on July 3:

“Air quality has plummeted during recent weeks because of wildfire smoke, made worse by the adverse effects of climate change in an ‘unprecedented’ fire season. But as Canada battles environmental emergencies, advocates are asking if the country is ready to play its part in a global crisis of climate migrants.”

To which we respond that since the air here is supposedly the colour and consistency of dirty cotton wool they won’t be heading our way. Also, since there are wildfires everywhere all the time (and always have been) what’s the point of fleeing from one blazing continent to another one, other than to generate headlines about imaginary events?

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  1. I can't think of one refugee exodus caused by any changes in the climate,at least in the Modern Era.But lots caused by wars and persecution.And now we have homeless refugees caused by Trudeau allowing bogus refugees to cross the border illegally from the USA(where they were safe).For which he has announced hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars to give shelter to.But if you are Canadian citizen and find yourself homeless,this new money is not for you.Sorry about your luck!

  2. Forest fires have been re-branded as "WILDFIRES" by climate extremists/activists. The Trusted News Initiative partners ( most media in Canada are signed onto that ) all use the same language. Be aware. Words matter when you want to create fear and excercise control. So reject using "wildfires" as your preferred word to describe a forest fire.

  3. Canadians live in or adjacent to one of the largest forests on earth. Here in Manitoba we expect significant forest fires annually. We have a governmental agency specific to fighting forest fires. We have a fleet of water bomber planes that are used significantly every year. This is nature. Some years are worse than others but I can tell you there’s a fire provoked haze at some point every summer. This is normal, this is natural. Oh, and remember that a significant number of them are man made. The courts have proven so. Arson is real.

  4. As of the end of June, the Coastal Wildfire Centre (Vancouver Island) reported that of the 32 fires YTD, 31 were human caused. Could "climate change" be affecting the disposition of people to become more pyromaniacal? (funding application pending).

  5. In Europe, we also have forest fires almost every year, so this year it is the turn of the Greek holiday island of Rhodes (as in Colossus of...) that is ablaze, along with its usual c.40C heat. The fires are blazing out of control because Greece is a poor country and can't afford to run a fleet of water-bombing aircraft to control the fires, fires that are otherwise no worse than in a typical year.
    I heard one holidaymaker on the news, complaining that tour operators were still flying more Brits into the island, but obviously did not divine that the jets flying overhead into the local airport were actually empty of passengers, so they could evacuate those already there back to cold (20C), wet (it is raining as I write), cloudy England...have a good holiday won't you.

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