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05 Jul 2023 | News Roundup
  • From the “but not for thee” file: Canada’s Governor General burned nearly 25,000 litres of jet fuel to deliver a trite anti-climate-catastrophe speech in Finland in February in which she said we must “act now” but presumably not like she just did. Heaven forfend that such potentates should Zoom instead of zooming. Like the bit where UN Secretary-General António Guterres just called fossil fuels “incompatible with human survival” after some 400 private jets flocked to the UN’s 2022 climate summit.
  • From the “Settled Science” file we bring you “A new measurement of the strong nuclear force, which binds protons and neutrons together, confirms previous hints of an uncomfortable truth: We still don’t have a solid theoretical grasp of even the simplest nuclear systems.” But we know everything about climate feedback.
  • Matthew Wielicki reminds us that researchers say “Climate change is making birds smaller” even as researchers ask “Climate Change: Why Are Birds Getting Bigger?” Seems birdbrains haven’t changed.
  • There’s a lot of hype from the climate crowd these days about lab-grown meat. Hope it too doesn’t require a lot of electricity, dudes. And surely there’s at least a hint of paradox in people wanting to save nature by having you eat chicken extruded from a machine.
  • Even Adobe now urges us via email to “Heat up your summer projects”, adding that “Here comes the sun. Celebrate summer’s arrival with splashy pool videos, images of summer road trips, vibrant illustrations, and more.” Don’t they know there’s a climate crisis? And that summer road trips in your wretched carbon-belching vehicle are causing it?
  • Last week we quoted genuine professional weather forecaster Joe Bastardi’s June 19 prediction that with heavy rain forecast (for the eastern US) for the rest of the summer, it would take 15 days for references to “much-needed rainfall” to be replaced by dire “flooding comments”. And sure enough, on June 28 the New York Times went west on him with “Extreme weather is threatening California’s dams, and a single rainstorm could send walls of water sweeping through populated areas. Here’s why experts are sounding the alarm.” And guess what: it’s because of climate change, the same one that caused the drought in California that would never end a couple of years back.

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  1. I was in Europe mid-June to visit a company I represent in Canada , for their quadrennial sales conference. A big focus was on carbon emissions and how Europeans have to reduce theirs from 8400kg to 600kg to save the world. So they talked a hypothetical situation where instead of a sales trip to Dresden emitting 300kg co2, they shipped the product and did a remote sales call. This was presented to hundreds of us, all of whom flew in from every country in the world.
    It’s just funny and sad at the same time.

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