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Alice in Climateland

28 Jun 2023 | OP ED Watch

National Geographic attempts to explain “Why we’ll begin naming heat waves” in an email that links to a story “GET READY FOR HEAT WAVE ALICE”. Which they just invented, along with much more besides. According to NG: “What can save lives from more frequent and severe heat waves? One idea, tried in Europe, is to name them like hurricanes or cyclones.” As if calling the weather Alice will convince people to turn on the air conditioner they can no longer afford to run. Though if NG is to be believed a better name is probably Legion, since it then stammers: “Heat deaths are much more numerous than other weather events combined, but often don’t the coverage or storms.” Let no proofreader intrude on these ruminations. Nor the fact that cold kills far more people than heat does even in comparatively warm places like India, to say nothing of the UK. As they could have discovered by Googling if their minds weren’t like cement, all mixed up and permanently set.

For the same reason, the usual suspects see nothing but relentless heat regardless of the facts. Here in Ottawa we had frost warnings well into May. And much of the United States has had a very cool late spring and early summer, culminating in heavy snow in parts of Alberta on June 19, and snow in parts of Idaho and Montana as well that weren’t in your newspaper because the MSM, as Joe Bastardi notes, seem fixated only on the unusual hotspots, now including Texas.

By the way, since we harp on the incapacity of climate alarmists to make reliable predictions, we also want to note Bastardi’s June 19 tweet that:

“Given all the rain coming to the east the rest of the summer, so you’ve been warned, when will forecasters start ditching the much-needed rainfall And replace with flooding comments. My over and under is 15 days from now”.

As opposed to Heatmap’s “blissful season of long, lazy days, ice cream cones, and sand somehow getting into everything. But it’s also a season of extreme weather, from heat waves to hurricanes”. We shall see.

3 comments on “Alice in Climateland”

  1. The institutional capture by the cult of 51 genders is complete and the 24/7/365 Morlock "dinner" horn of climate hysteria is still working on the voting Eloi. It's very tedious for time travelers.

  2. What a bunch of t0ssers, as we say in the barren desert wasteland that is the UK nowadays. It's almost 17 degrees centigrade today. Oh, the humanity.

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