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28 Jun 2023 | News Roundup

From the “can’t let go of the wildfires” file, an outfit called Axios gloats that “America’s most powerful get a close-up of climate change/ The harmful veil of smoke that enveloped the country’s economic and political power centers this week presented bankers and lawmakers with an in-your-face demonstration of what climate change looks, feels and smells like.” And since all climate news is bad, a widely reprinted Canadian Press story says “Storms forecast to bring rain, but also a risk of winds, lightning, as wildfires rage”. Actually things promptly improved, despite a Guardian headline “Canada is on fire, and big oil is the arsonist”. (And the Atlantic’s “Weekly Planet” asks via email “What is wildfire smoke doing to our brains?” to which we respond that whatever it is you’d better try to make it stop.)

From the “you thought we wouldn’t notice” file, the increasingly exasperated Canadian Environment Commissioner roasts the federal cabinet for vainglorious bloviating regarding its plan to develop a plan to plant trees, saying “They need to concentrate much more on results. This is a theme of a lot of our reports.” Apparently in the absence of doing anything themselves they discovered it’s easier to take credit for the work of others: “There is a lot of reforestation that goes on just in the normal course of forestry. This is supposed to be two billion incremental trees, not just double counting the ones that have been done for forest management generally.”

From the “It would be easy if it weren’t so hard” file, Canary Media chortlefrets “Tesla has pulled ahead on EV charging. Now, the hard part begins”. See “Ford, GM and most EV charging companies have announced plans to use Tesla’s charging tech in North America — but pivoting an entire industry won’t be simple.” No. And only fools ever thought it would. Indeed they go on to list challenge after challenge, winding up with “The biggest public EV-charging companies in the U.S. have a problem: They face years of spending more money than they can earn from charging.” And here you said we would all get rich.

From the “stop throwing potatoes at paintings” file, the French government joins Germany in cracking down on violent climate saboteurs, prompting the usual vacant outrage.

From the “woe to you hypocrites” file Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who blew $61k on hotel rooms at an anti-poverty conference in New York that he flew to and where he met the likes of Hugh Jackman instead of grubby poor people, then flew to Iceland as a “special guest” of Nordic Prime Ministers in order to, you guessed it, fight “challenges like conflict, the impacts of climate change, food and energy insecurity, and threats to democracy and human rights”. He also burned fossil fuel to go to Montreal to fight climate change with its mayor. Doubtless much was achieved.

And from “Denier Island” onto which the evil are voted by the mature, tolerant climate alarmists to ponder and repent their sins, Roger Pielke Jr. tells of “How I Became Voldemort in Climate Science” while Environmental Defence Canada pillories “Canada’s Climate Villains with the aide of cartoonish depictions including Arthur Irving belching black smoke, Michael Binnion morphing into Satan and Alex Pourbaix with horns.

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  1. "..Environmental Defence Canada pillories “Canada’s Climate Villains with the aide of cartoonish depictions including Arthur Irving belching black smoke, Michael Binnion morphing into Satan and Alex Pourbaix with horns..."
    I've not seen these, but just in passing.....isn't this the kind of thing Germany regularly published during the 1930s? We like this kind of thing now, I assume?

  2. Two days after Justin lectured Norway on climate change, they decided to invest $18billion to expand their oil & gas industry. LOL
    GG Mary Simon consumed 25,000 litres of jet fuel to go to Finland and tell the world the "everyone" has to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels. LOL
    Comedic gold. You just can't make stuff up this funny.

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