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14 Jun 2023 | News Roundup
  • As for the smooth transition to a carbon, energy and prosperity-free future, it seems “Irish farmers are rebelling against a proposal to cull tens of thousands of cattle a year to help Ireland meet its climate change targets.” And an email from The Australian says “Power bill misery has years to run, industry warns”.
  • Meanwhile Germany does appear to be hitting the wall on green energy: “Germany faces electricity shortages and can expect to see industries leave the country due to green energy policy ‘disaster’ that saw nuclear power plants ditched for renewables, business chiefs warn”. But if they are the first, they won’t be the last. It’s a big wall, and if there’s one thing alternative energy really can power, it’s an acceleration into it.
  • On and on and on it goes. Stellantis having discovered that Canada’s federal and Ontario provincial governments were hostage to its EV plant is demanding more and more “as Windsor EV battery plant hangs in the balance.” Even GZERO North speaks of a “Subsidy gun to the head” while Global News says Stellantis is weighing a new offer and “It is not known what the new deal entails, but [Industry Minister François-Phillipe] Champagne said that its amount shouldn’t surprise anyone.” Sadly he’s right about that. Ontario Premier Doug Ford, again making capitulation sound like a triumphant advance, “said the province has stepped up in a ‘huge, huge way’ and wants the federal government to do the same for a deal with Stellantis.”
  • Fair enough. An alert reader challenges us on the $40 per tree jibe in a piece last week, saying we inappropriately compared the prices of rural and urban tree planting. We still suspect the feds of overpaying for a handful of saplings we may never see, but we grant that expecting to get them for a quarter apiece wasn’t reasonable.

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  1. The government is telling you at one and the same time to reduce your air conditioner use on hot days to save the electricity grid, and also to buy an electric car that will put a tremendous additional draw on the grid. Time to stop listening to what the government tells you, right?

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