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07 Jun 2023 | News Roundup
  • From the “your map is on fire” file, Britain’s Met Office turns the country dark orange to signal 24.3°C. David Birch says “I can only imagine when the mercury hits 35!!” We’re guessing GIF flames.
  • From the “you have no idea” file, the Canadian Treasury Board claims it’s “not possible” to find out how many Canadian public servants work from home. But if the question is where every molecule of CO2 comes from and what it does, hey, the Prime Minister knows all and sees all.
  • The Canadian government is also astoundingly bad at planting trees, of all simple tasks. But now we’re meant to be reassured that “Alexandra Mendès, Member of Parliament for Brossard–Saint-Lambert, on behalf of the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources, and Pascale Mongrain, Mayor of Saint-Lambert, announced nearly $400,000 in federal funding under the 2 Billion Trees program to support the planting of 10,000 trees in Saint-Lambert.” Seems they’re bad at counting, accounting and budgeting too: that’s $40 per tree. Are they made of marble? Planted by consultants? (The price for commercial planters is around 25 cents per tree and they’re expected to plant at least 1,000 a day.)
  • From the “enough gall to be divided in three parts” file, Canada’s Liberal federal minister of natural resources, formerly of environment, Jonathan Wilkinson blames evil troll former Conservative PM Stephen Harper for the country not building LNG export facilities because his lax regulatory regime cost megaprojects the “social licence” that would allow them to be built if his own administration didn’t find some way to scupper every single one.

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  1. The lack of knowledge behind the realities of finding "approved" places (an area almost as large as Vancouver Island) to plant 2 billion trees while obtaining the stock and arranging logistics is indicative of all that flows from the knee-jerk schemes of politicians promising climate salvation while cheered on and protected from reality by an in-house or bought-off media.

  2. Re: $400,000 for 10,000 trees-how can I get in on this cash cow? I have a small farm that could accommodate 10,000 trees and I could use the cash.

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