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24 May 2023 | News Roundup
  • From the “deniers have all the money” file, Parker Gallant has taken an interesting, in-depth look at the “Strathmere Group” of a dozen charities and non-profits that have received hundreds of millions of dollars one way and another from the Canadian government in the last five years. Yet they constantly smear us as being in it for the cash.
  • From the “settled science” file, Heatmap tells us “We know dangerously little about how hot it’s getting inside” before insisting that “Heat is the deadliest extreme weather phenomenon in the United States”. Well, no. Cold kills a lot more people. But doubtless our houses are ovens, on dogmatic grounds rather than evidentiary. (They also said air conditioning is worse than useless because when the power goes off you’ve forgotten how to cope with heat. To which we retort that wind, solar and poverty make it far more likely the power will go off.)
  • Also from that file, “Bizarre, Unexplained Rumblings in Earth’s Atmosphere Puzzle Scientists/ Solar-powered balloons detected strange, ultra low-frequency rumblings in Earth’s stratosphere that, so far, scientists can’t identify”. Luckily the atmosphere has nothing to do with climate change. Oh, wait…
  • From the “debate is over, we said so” file, Michael Mann gives his fellow alarmists tips on how to lower the “twitter ranking” of skeptics. Basically instead of engaging you mute and block them, a “very effective double whammy”. Actually debating science, apparently, is beneath him. Or above him. (Incidentally Robinson Meyer says “One of the reasons I joined Heatmap was that I believed the climate world needed a place to talk to — and sometimes argue with — itself.” Again, talking to other people is so passé.) And now Mark Maslin, “a leading scientist with particular expertise in past global and regional climatic change” has admitted that pre-Elon Musk he used to meet regularly with Twitter’s “Head of Sustainability” to discuss ways to suppress dissenting views on climate.
  • From the “cosmic awareness” file, a piece ““PETRO-MASCULINITY” IS POISONING THE CANADIAN CLIMATE REGIME: AN ARGUMENT FOR A MANDATORY GENDER-BASED ANALYSIS PLUS PROVISION FOR ALL CANADIAN ENVIRONMENTAL LAW” wins the “Writing Them In” essay contest by that hotbed of activism, the… Canadian Bar Association. And yes, it’s the usual woke gooblahoy, with lines like “‘Petro-masculinity’ draws on a historically hegemonic understanding of hypermasculinity that shows increasing signs of fragility in the 21st century” and creatively slags Donald Trump.
  • Also from that file, Scientific Americommunism profiles a guy in India who’s found a way to beat drought that California could use. See, you dig a hole and the water collects there. Wow. Why didn’t we know that trick? Well duh “The British Empire destroyed that culture, that way of water conservation.”
  • From “world ends, women and minorities hardest hit” file: “In coastal Bangladesh, climate change devastates women’s reproductive health” because “as global temperatures climb and the planet’s glaciers melt, the region’s low-lying delta can only do so much to stave off the rising sea” which, creeping up by “a few millimeters per year” proceeds to erode the laws of physics. “As the seas swell and salty water seeps deep underground” which it could never do before because um uh well that is aaaaah according to some politician/activist “Because of pre-existing vulnerabilities, the impact on women and girls and other gender-diverse communities is different. Certain vulnerabilities, discriminations and deprivations get exacerbated.” (As Roger Pielke Jr. ironically tweeted about Bangladesh, with regard to cyclones, “Too much to ask climate journalists to get off of Twitter and, you know, do some actual journalism?”)

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