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26 Apr 2023 | News Roundup
  • On a positive note, we bring you the University of Chicago Energy Policy Institute’s poll finding that “A majority of Americans believe climate change is real and the pace is increasing, but fewer believe it is mostly or entirely caused by humans.” And a massive international poll by Ipsos for the French electricity giant EDF finds skepticism is going global: “Although at the top of the list of environmental priorities, climate change is not generating a higher level of concern and human responsibility for it is acknowledged less and less.” We call this progress, and with your continued support we will keep pushing the numbers in the right direction.
  • We cannot help but be touched. USA Today and AFP have both done a second “Fact check” on our Sea Level Check videos, again saying our facts are true (the video “describes authentic National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sea level rise data” says USA Today) but bad (“[t]he implied claim is wrong”). They should try checking Al Gore’s Davos Rant where the facts are not true; we can even give them the crib notes. Or those “experts” who guessed before a U.S. Congressional panel that the atmosphere was between 5 and 8% CO2. Gotta love “following the science” and getting a free pass from the free press.
  • From the “strange bedfellows” file, is there any obvious reason an environmentalist would favour a public sector strike instead of wanting them at their desks trying to figure out how to plant a tree? Yet, unsurprisingly, Canada’s David Suzuki Foundation tweets “We stand with federal gov’t workers on strike demanding fair wages and improved working conditions. The just transition we’re advocating for means healthy and fair work conditions for all.” Not to be outdone, NBC chips in “As Eid and Earth Day coincide, young Muslims are driving the modern climate movement”. Including the ones staffing all those Middle Eastern oil rigs, presumably.
  • And on the subject of flubbing basic math GZero, published by Gerry Butts’ outfit Eurasia Group, says “Earth Day 2023: Show me the money” because “One of the key messages is that ‘businesses, governments, and civil society are equally responsible for taking action against the climate crisis’” but “Businesses invest for profit. Governments spend to achieve political goals. And civil society’s pockets are ... empty. Meanwhile, roughly $5 trillion is needed to help the planet transition to clean energy by the end of the decade.” Five trillion? When it took $10 trillion just to get to 3% of the world’s energy being wind and solar in the last two decades? These people really can’t count.

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