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#CoolClimateData: Canadian Historical Climate Statistics

12 Apr 2023 | Science Notes

This week’s entry for #CoolClimateData is the archive of Canada’s historical temperature and precipitation records back to, in some cases, the mid-1800’s, all of which can be found here. While it may seem to be mainly of interest to Canadians, comparisons are useful for perspective. Moreover, we encourage our readers in other countries to take a look at the site and then start digging around in your own country’s meteorological service websites to see if there are comparable records there. If you find them, please send them to us so we can share them and delve into them. Meanwhile, we’ll show you an example of why these records are so valuable in comparing climate reality to alarmist theory.

April in Ontario, in central Canada, is a time of giant swings in temperature depending on wind direction. One day it can be 0°C and snowy if Arctic cold is blowing down from the north, then the next it’s sunny and warm with a southern breeze. Before climate-induced weather amnesia set in people knew such variation was common and natural, but now they think it is bizarre and unprecedented.

With easy access to daily records we can show people that it’s not unusual. For example, we can look at the Toronto daily temperature record for April 1842, fully 181 years ago, long before your gas stove cooked the planet. The overnight low on April 1 was 0.0°C. The next day the high reached 18.3. On the 11th the high was 17.2 but on the 14th the overnight low plunged to -2.2. On the 20th the overnight low was just 2.8C but two days later, on the 22nd, the high reached 32.2.

Get the picture? The so-called normal average weather for April in Ontario is...whatever nature throws at you. And it would be cool if more people understood that.

4 comments on “#CoolClimateData: Canadian Historical Climate Statistics”

  1. Being old I recall April weather in in Ontario in the 70's when we were headed for an ice age. April was significant because my buddies and I raced the new exciting sport of motocross. As this event runs in any type of weather it was memorable because warm and sunny was a fun day at Hully Gully and wet and cold was a miserable day. During the week running up to April 25th 1974 the weather was warm and sunny. On Sunday, race day it was wet snow on the clay like mud of Hully Gully. We have been in the global warming/climate crisis since Kyoto in 1990. 33 years later, few if any of the catastrophes has come true. I write to my MLA, MP and Justin somebody with much information and questions. No response. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Right now in So. Ontario we are having several days of very warm weather,temps today expected to reach a high of 28C.Seasonal temps not returning until Monday,April 17,it looks like.Just waiting for msm alarmists to spew their usual nonsense,"record breaking temperatures,never this warm in April before,AGW to blame",and the usual Doom-A-Thon from them.Meanwhile Calgary received an inch of snow in about an hour or so!

  3. Is the Canadian historical data the original unaltered temperature readins or the adjusted homogenized version, which of course shows more warming?

  4. I grew up in northern Illinois, north of Chicago. My birthday is April 8th. 70+ years ago when I was a child I was never sure if my birthday party would be outside in the warm sunshine or inside because of the snow and ice outside. Quite honestly, nothing much has changed in the past 70+ years in terms of the weather on my birthday. Well, not exactly true. What has changed is the current rage to hyperventilate about the doom that is soon to fall upon us. As has been noted by CDN many times, the climate has always been changing. It did so long before modern humans were around, and it will do so long after we are gone.

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