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05 Apr 2023 | News Roundup
  • Well, here’s something awkward. You can watch a History Channel special on the nightmarish conditions and weather of the Little Ice Age that was produced as recently as 2005 and dares suggest another cooling could be coming. And you can reflect on how quickly a stifling blanket of orthodoxy has descended on so much of our culture and society and, it seems, become comfortable for so many people.
  • It’s also awkward that so many activists who claim to be “following the science” keep writing things like “New IPCC Report Shows the ‘Climate Time Bomb Is Ticking,’ Says UN Secretary General António Guterres/ The latest climate science assessment warns – once again – that global warming of more than 1.5 degrees Celsius would be devastating for Earth’s people and ecosystems” even after the cat is out of the bag that 1.5 has no scientific foundation and never pretended to.
  • As Canadian carbon taxes continue to soar, the Trudeau administration continued to insist that we were getting more back than we’re paying in. And the math continued to say no we’re not. Whereupon Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, without missing a beat, told CTV news “If you do the average, yeah, it's true, it's going to cost more money to people, but the people who are paying are the richest among us, which is exactly how the system was designed”. Exactly as we didn’t say.
  • Looks like we humble Canadians might actually get the figure for public subsidies to that Volkswagen battery plant in St. Thomas, Ontario, and it could be in the vicinity of $15 billion. But you know what they’ll say: we can’t afford not to either.
  • The Hill Times, a publication for cool connected Canadian political insiders, says of the just-released 2023 federal budget “Environmental experts praise budget’s ‘transformational’ investments, but say feds still avoiding ‘a really honest conversation about the future of the oil and gas industry’”. Indeed. Because their plan is euthanasia, or as we say in Canada “Medical Assistance In Dying”, and as long as the industry chooses to pretend otherwise, the government sees no need to cause talk.

4 comments on “Tidbits”

  1. What exactly is supposed to happen when we move from today’s 1.2degC (GAT rise since 1750) to the horrific limit of 1.5?

  2. I believe that the Parliamentary Budget Officer calculated that 80% of Canadians will pay more in carbon taxes than they get back in rebates. That means only the poorest 20% of Canadians will see the net-benefit promised by the government. The Trudeau government seems to think they can achieve "middle class prosperity" simply by defining those in the 79th to 30th percentile in income as "the rich" - who deserve to pay more tax.

  3. The Trudeau gov't is locked into their silly climate change ideas. So they persecute Canadians with Carbon Tax on fossil fuels for farmers to produce food, for workers to go to work. CO2 is plant food - meaning plants us CO2 to produce more food for farm animals, wild animals and the wildest of all - humans. we are lucky that plants use CO2 to produce food for all creatures.
    Greta Thunberg is a nut. Please forget her words. There is no climate emergency.

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