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22 Feb 2023 | News Roundup
  • The usual alarmists keep saying alternative energy is now cheaper than the regular stuff, especially with all the subsidies which for some reason they need even though they’re supposedly cheaper. But the Bank of Canada says otherwise. They’re more expensive and pushing them is driving inflation: “The slowest but perhaps the most persistent trend is associated with the ongoing transition from fossil fuels to green energy. The transition requires an immense reallocation of investments which raises costs due to higher demand for new investment and lack of investment supply into fossil fuel production. These cost pressures are exacerbated by the long time required to build green energy infrastructure, further boosting prices for fossil fuels. This shift to relatively higher energy prices will also contribute to challenges for monetary policy to keep inflation on target over the long term.”
  • Also, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just took a jet airplane to the Caribbean for the modest purpose of “advancing democracy, human rights, economic growth that benefits everyone, and developing clean energy” and to “increase trade and investment… to create jobs and growth, and advocate for climate action and resilience for the region, which is particularly vulnerable to climate change and natural disasters.” You on the other hand can take a blimp, or stay home. You aren’t saving the world six ways before breakfast.
  • Antarctica’s Thwaites “Doomsday” glacier is melting yet again. Climate change threatens Valentine’s Day yet again. And finally, one of the scientists who disrupted a scientific conference to advance science by forcing scientists to chant slogans in the street is amazed that they got fired, while another scientist who advanced science by vandalizing art is amazed to face charges. They don’t do reality well, do they?

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  1. How can the Caribbean be "particularly vulnerable" to climate change when Canada is experiencing it at 2 or 3 times the rate of the rest of the world? Has Justin ever been to a part of the world that isn't in particular need of his great Beneficence? (I guess when Justin can't bring his great Beneficence to the people, he lets the people come to him, via Roxham Rd. What a saviour! "Thanks for your donation!")

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