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Oh that snow

22 Feb 2023 | News Roundup

Here’s a strange thing about the warming that famously makes snow go away. Not only did the snow not go away, the warming is hard to find. According to Roy Spencer’s careful monitoring of the “lower tropospheric temperature anomaly”, January 2023 was actually colder than the average from 1991-2020, though only by a trivial, even margin-of-error 0.04°C. And we don’t think much of double-decimal measures of something as vague and complicated as global temperature. But if it’s the hottest year ever blah blah blah shouldn’t that number be positive to a statistically significant, even ominous degree? Instead of which Athens, Greece, the famously hot sunny place where democracy was born, got walloped by snow again.

ABC, which is the Australian state broadcaster on the model of the BBC and the CBC, that is, a government-subsidized outfit that for some reason is reliably pro-government including on the trendy crises of the day that require governments to have more money and power (as opposed to the private American news and entertainment outlet ABC which to be fair says climate change is making avalanches worse according to “experts” but that snow in Athens was just a “storm”), noted that things were a bit chilly:

“Heavy snow and plummeting temperatures have shut schools and shops in the Greek capital Athens, with many public services and businesses switching to remote working. Traffic was halted on some central roads and on a national road connecting Athens to central Greece… The storm dusted the Acropolis and other ancient monuments with snow. Some metro stations close to the city's international airport were also shut… Authorities urged the public to avoid non-essential travel.”

So you know what’s coming. An ad for global warming. As in “The bad weather is intense.” Just weather? Yup. “The cold snap is expected to last until Wednesday, gradually affecting eastern and southern regions, including the island of Crete.”

However you should not see a pattern here. Admittedly:

“Heavy snow is rare in the Greek capital, but the country has now been hit by extreme weather for a third consecutive winter.”

But see “Until Monday's snow, winter in Greece had been unusually mild so far this year.” Nothing to see here, folks. Except Zeus’s long white beard made of… say, kids ask, what is this stuff?

Ah well. Provided global temperatures continue to soar along a flat line, they’ll work it out sooner or later. It’s the same old same old χιών except now it’s χιόνι.

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  1. With due resxpect to CDN, the reason that temperture changes include 2 decimal points is that the gross changes and debates around them (often expressed as temperature change per decade) need such "data precision". To use the Spenser data (which I follow monthly, along wiht his great analyisis of such trends) the actiual data over 40 years shows 13-month average increase of 0.13 C per decade, which is only half the 0.16 C (or even higher) of the IPCC models. You cannot show that bias or discrepancy without a couple of decimal points.

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