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Pacific typhoons continue their pattern of not following the pattern

30 Nov 2022 | Science Notes

The Japanese Meteorological Agency (h/t Kirye at NoTricksZone) has posted the numbers for 2022, which is near enough to being over (since December typhoons are very rare) that we can see if the inevitable worse-than-we-feared-we’re-all-going-to-die trend is showing up yet. Plot spoiler: nope.

The trend from 1951 to 2022, a span of over 70 years, is downward. Only slightly downward, by about half a tornado per decade, but still downward. As in not upward. Which is probably why you didn’t see this chart in the press. It’s not a catastrophe and it’s not bad news, so it’s not news. But if you happen to live in a part of the world where Pacific typhoons can strike, it is good news that they are not becoming more common, and may indeed be becoming less common. And if it’s due to global warming, so much the better.

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