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IPCC Trends Atlas: Egypt Edition

09 Nov 2022 | Science Notes

From November 6 to 18 all the great and good (except King Charles) will meet for COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt to go through the motions of demanding the world stop using fossil fuels to save the planet, before jetting home to fix the global energy crisis caused by their past efforts to save the planet. Since we expect the speakers will offer up boilerplate slogans citing the arid landscape around them as proof of the ravages of climate change, we decided to consult the handy IPCC Online Atlas to see how climate change has affected Egypt specifically. There’s the usual upward trend in temperatures. But as for precipitation, flooding, aridity, wind, sandstorms and coastal flooding, it’s a big wala shay'. As in nothing.

Here’s the map view over Egypt of mean precipitation. Yellow means a downward trend, pink means upward and no colour means no identified trend.

Here it is for heavy precipitation and flooding:

Again, nothing. Neither for aridity:

Mean wind speed shows Egypt just south of the region where they observed a slight decline:

For sand and dust storms, nada:

Finally coastal flooding trends are... zero:

Not that any of this will stop the usual suspects from claiming what they want to claim to get the room riled up. After all, they’re there to save the planet so they need something to save it from.

3 comments on “IPCC Trends Atlas: Egypt Edition”

  1. Why does everyone pick on King Charles? If Al Gore is there claiming that subsidies directed at fossil fuels are 37 times those for renewables, why does the King have to stay home attending to regal affairs in the same nonpartisan manner as his mother? Is the future of the monarchy that important that he stifle his passion. Such sacrifice.

  2. Sorry, John, but the monarch is supposed to be above politics. Picking a side would further divide the country while accomplishing nothing.

  3. A noble effort but I fear that when a region remains un-coloured, it simply means that "No data" is available which is rather different to "Not relevant".
    There is no category for "Unchanged" because we all know that the Earth is warming slightly, as it has done many times in the past so the likelihood of "Unchanged" is very slim, and in fact, would be an outright lie, simply because modern measurement, taken in cities and airports inherently produce high-biased figures due to concrete and tar's heat retention and glass reflection. These factors then allows these alarmists to paint the whole world in "Upward" Lilac and to cry wolf, even for seal-levels.
    I'm 71 years old and strangely enough, I've noticed no remarkable changes in the climate nor any discernible rise in sea-levels.

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