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CDN by the Sea: Alexandroupolis, Greece

06 Jul 2022 | Science Notes

We don’t actually go to all the places on our CDN By the Sea tour. In fact we haven’t gone to any of them. We just get the data from the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level in the UK. And with air travel as messed up as it has become, especially here in Canada but probably many other places, it’s just as well we’re not trying to see the world this summer. But if we were, we’d be tempted to return to Greece, only this time to the eastern region near the border with Turkey, to the town of Alexandroupolis, where the sea level is drifting up at about 2.8 mm per year, so it will take about 360 years to rise by one meter.

At that pace we’d still have lots of time to see the seaside towns of Thrace and Macedonia. Assuming the airlines and airports ever get back to normal operations.

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  1. Meanwhile, Ephesus, a few hundred kms south, used to be a coastal town in New Testament times. Today, the ruins are miles from the Mediterranean...

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